Frikkin’ laser beams, man!


A quickie. iDJ took this pic of Spot trying to destroy Neko with his laser-beam eyes. Zap!


I’ve got a few good videos, too, but don’t know how to share them yet. Of course, I’ve not really tried yet, either!

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  1. HOLY SH@T!! That’s awesome! I bet he was pissed that you caught him in the act of using his super power which is only allowed in the wee hours of the morning when the humans are in a deep trance. I bet their was a report sent back to the home planet for review about this breech of protocol.

    • I noticed you have the same fabric on your cat tree! We got it at Aldi. They’ve crashed it to the ground and broken it so many times, it’s held together with L-brackets and screws now.

      The new iPhone has a flash, and it does this to kitties! I predict that there will be an entire website devoted to iPhone cat pictures soon. The video he took is FREAKY. One eye lights up, he turns his head, both eyes light up… wish I knew how to post it.

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