Baby oil and dog food


Hi! No earworm today again, as I woke up with a start at 9:07 and found iDJ still next to me. He has to be at work at 9. Whoops. He’s well able to be up and out in under 10 minutes. I am not, I need an hour to wake up all the way.

I think we had a late night last night, and perhaps a bit too much to drink…

I had to do the 10 minute version, though, as I needed the car for my 11:30 chiropractic visit. I snuggled into the couch with kitties until I had to get dressed. I had to wear shorts per the doc’s request, so he could ‘really work’ on my nerve-damaged thigh. I also wore my flip flops with the big ugly purple flowers and a tank top. What the hell, if you’ve gotta wear shorts in 50deg F weather, in the rain, you might as well dress summery the rest of the way.

After a couple painful lower back scrunches and crunches, I had to lie face down and be half-tortured for a while. He really pushed on the nerve. Good thing I’m not ticklish, too, because when it didn’t hurt it was enough to make me want to jump. Then he did a bit of massage with what turned out to be baby oil. I am still a bit weirded out by that, to be honest- but I have never had any kind of physical therapy or even a professional massage, so perhaps that is normal. I think I just have to let go of my ‘a stranger is touching me!’ nervousness. Doc kept me talking, asking about Cleveland and Florida and New Orleans. So either he knew I was nervous or was trying to distract me from pain. It worked: I think by now it is obvious I can talk for Ireland.

Then I had to buy dog food. And I didn’t know how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be, not really. I’ve been a passenger on those roads, but not driven them. I don’t pay attention to where I am unless I’m behind the wheel. But I got there just fine, I was worried for nothing. What’s two normal roundabouts and two mini ones, and a few no entry streets to me? Piffle.

Back home, I’ve not done a damn thing the rest of the day. Back and leg feel super funky, and I’ve got such tension between my shoulders that I don’t want to move.

Well, crap, this is a boring post! Next I get to talk about Socks, though 🙂

Thoughts? Gardening tips? Cocktail recipes? Don't just like and leave, please - I can talk for Ireland and would love to prove it!

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