Earworm of the day


Morning! I think I’ll introduce you to something not-quite-sane today. I hope to do it as a regular post. My ‘theme’ (did you hear that in a teacher’s voice? Good.) allows me to post something called an ‘aside.’ Tomorrow, my earworm will be an aside.

I have really cool dreams. To me, anyhow. No, I won’t bore you with them.* Mostly because I can’t remember them for more than a few minutes. This really annoys me, some neat-o shit happens and I’m endlessly fascinated by what my subconscious gets up to. But, alas, something drives my dreams out of my head the moment I can think in complete thoughts.

My earworm.

You know what that is, right? A song that gets stuck in your head and plays in an unending loop? Usually just a fragment, a line, a bit of melody. I wake up with a new song in my head every damn morning. Every. Damn. Morning.

It took me years to realise this was happening. I’m lying there, trying to recall my dream in detail – if you don’t think about it right away it fades – and instead…lalalalala, lalalalala, lalalalala… sheeeeit. Gone. After a while, I figured out that music is overwriting my memory. Dammit!

I’m not sleeping well lately. Mostly in a good way: my brain is happy and wants to write. I’m up at 4, 5 am and thinking away! But this means I’m now getting two bloody earworms a day! Not fair!

Since I’m such a nice person, I’m going to share them with you.

5am: Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now

8am: some song by Super Furry Animals that was on the radio yesterday. It’s still in there.


*I lied. Here’s a bit of my dream at 5 am. Totally about blog anxiety… the phone rang and the guy in bed next to me reached over to answer it. It wasn’t my husband, and I sure as hell don’t have a corded Princess phone in babyshit brown next to my bed. Anyhow, it was some whack job who had figured out who I am from the blog and rang up to ask me creepy questions. My bedmate didn’t reply but also didn’t hang up the phone right, so I could still hear freakboy talking and getting angry. This because I posted a comment to a cool cartoon site and used my blog URL. Paranoid much?

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