Dinner will be late tonight


It’s 9:45pm. I’ve been reading, checking the classifieds in the local papers, and smoking too much in front of the fireplace. I needed another drink (cheap non-brand rum n Pepsi Max, since you ask) and went to pour myself one in the kitchen, as you do.

The oven is on. iDJ is making Cajun spiced roast chicken breast for dinner. I had helped put the spices on the meat at 8:30, so he didn’t have to wash his hands a bazillion times. Poor didums got cajun spice and chicken ook in the numerous cuts that he managed to give himself today. There was much whining and ouching and a FB post. Anyhow, he wanted to let it sit ten minutes to let the rub ‘marinate’ or whatever a rub does to soak into the meat. If that is even possible.

At 9:45… the roasting pan full of meat is still on the counter.

All we could do was laugh. And FB post. And now, oh joy! blog…

The reason for the name iDJ is: he’s a complete Apple Nerd and he’s an Internet and pub/club DJ. Apple had some launchy-thingie tonight, and he was watching that while listening to new music and prepping for his next Internet show… he can multitask! but apparently not so much as to include shoving a pan in an oven.

Love you anyway!


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  1. I can see the whole thing unfolding as you type. Lovin livin life with you through this thing called bloglandia.

    Nothin to do but laugh and post. Brilliant.


  2. There was a hug and a giggle on each other’s shoulder, too. But then I had to go type it up. Sucks having a poopy memory, but hey, this might help me with that, too. Especially to remember the good things that happen and/or to make light of ordinary disappointments. Right, well, even if no one else cares, I have cheap therapy.

  3. Well hello there, darling! Nice, cozy place you have here! I’m enjoying the posts so far. . .let me know when you’re ready to share, so that I can link you from my blog, mmmkay? Haven’t been around FB lately, do you have twitter account?

    (Pretty sure I don’t need to sign this, as it’s fairly easy to figure out who I am. LOL)

  4. Already loving it.It’s 2.51 a.m. ,insomnia is back with a vengeance.Was watching old Red Dwarf VHS when the phone announced email about your blog.Several hours after it had been sent.Hmm…Nokia,you and me are gonna have words.Anyway,you’re off to a great start.iDJ is a name that’s going to stick.Don’t change it!

    • Hey! I’ve now figured out that I can reply to an individual comment. Derp! I’m not sleeping much either, but prefer 4-5 am for lying there with brain on fire. He didn’t like iDJ. Tough titty 🙂

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