Playing around with my new toy


I’ve downloaded the WordPress app for iPad. I was finding some things not so easy to do, and others are impossible using only the iPad. Poop. One of the main reasons I went with WordPress is that they are very iPad friendly. As I think I have this thing permanently grafted onto my thigh now, I fully intend to blog just from said thigh. So, not all is sparkly just yet. I’m sure I’ll sort it out in time.

So here’s a picture, my first, as a test-tickle. What? Yeah, I did say that. This is a fiddlehead, pic taken by me out in the bog last spring. It happens to be Socks’ favourite picture of mine, too, which is the only reason I robbed it off my FB a few weeks ago. Because I had great intentions of drawing it again in Brushes. But it sucked, and I never finished. Gawd, I’m lazy.

Feic it, I didn’t want to sicken anyone by immediately posting cat pictures. So here’s a damn plant.


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