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New Halloween Decorations!


I had a surprise waiting for me when I got home last week!

No, not a kitty-crayon or even a puddle of puke – and it sure wasn’t a letter from the Publisher’s Clearinghouse telling me I’d won a bazillion dollars. It was better.

Ok so not better than the Prize Patrol being on my doorstep. But since that scam game isn’t run over here, I was never in the running anyway.

It was these!

Aren’t they great?! We had to import them from the US, but going direct to the manufacturers saved a ton over buying them from the UK. My sister got these guys last year and I fell in love – but I had no clue iDJ had remembered and planned and got them for us.

They seem to be enjoying their new Irish environment. I know the cold and rain won’t bother them a bit! We do bring them in when it gets windy – after all, those styrofoam headstones have been found two houses over after a good blow. I was also a little worried that someone would steal them, but we are rather off the beaten track and not too many kleptomaniacs should be down at the end of our dead end road. Hopefully.