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Goofing around with the iPad…


It’s a strange old night, I feel a bit at loose ends. I’m not able to settle and do anything productive. It seems I’m seeking the new…

So I opened one of the camera apps iDJ put on my iPad. Now, I’ve said a bunch of times that the camera on here is crap. My intentions were to take some random, abstract, crap pictures and mess around with their settings. Sort of like this one I took of my own face, which is my Facebook avatar:

I didn’t get very far before losing interest, though. I opened ‘camera boost’ to see what it does, and went straight to the night photography setting. Ooo, shiny smeary lights. These are of the fire I’m warming myself by:


Meh, right? I might screw with the colours and see what happens.

I also thought trying to get the dog in motion might be interesting.


The only reason I kept these two is that her curly tail turned into a full circle as she spun around.

I think this one is funny. She has four front legs… this is her game she plays with my feet. She slaps her legs on the floor and flops them around trying to catch me. That’s my green socked foot.

The first fire pic, mucked around with. It’s still ‘meh.’

Maybe I should read a book…