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New beer! Er, new Cider


Tired and roasting hot from a looooong day at work, I had my teeth and tongue set and ready for cold, cold beer. I even sent iDJ a text saying ‘throw one in the freezer, I’m on my way!’

He didn’t get my text, and thought that beer that was room temp at 1pm would be cold by 7:30. Nope.

But he had bought me this:

Kopparberg Strawberry Lime Cider, 4%, and while super sweet to someone who prefers a bitter beer, it tastes just lovely on a hot, humid evening. I’m particularly impressed that I can very, very, clearly differentiate the strawberry and lime flavours. It’s not horribly fizzy, so it doesn’t taste like a flavoured soda.

Try it if you can, but make sure you’re in the mood. I would give this caution: if you drank a few of these on a hot day, your body would reek of fruit the next day!