New beer! Er, new Cider


Tired and roasting hot from a looooong day at work, I had my teeth and tongue set and ready for cold, cold beer. I even sent iDJ a text saying ‘throw one in the freezer, I’m on my way!’

He didn’t get my text, and thought that beer that was room temp at 1pm would be cold by 7:30. Nope.

But he had bought me this:

Kopparberg Strawberry Lime Cider, 4%, and while super sweet to someone who prefers a bitter beer, it tastes just lovely on a hot, humid evening. I’m particularly impressed that I can very, very, clearly differentiate the strawberry and lime flavours. It’s not horribly fizzy, so it doesn’t taste like a flavoured soda.

Try it if you can, but make sure you’re in the mood. I would give this caution: if you drank a few of these on a hot day, your body would reek of fruit the next day!

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  1. What girl, after she reached sexual maturity, still colors her toe nails? I like it 🙂

    A full seven-day heat wave just came to an end and I resisted the temptation of beer. I’m proud of it. I don’t have a problem with alcohol, but I need to save every single pennies for the upcoming trip.

    Seven days of temperature over 30 and humidity well over 50%. Yesterday was a comfortable 28, and today? Today is 23. I think I might wear a sweater. Enjoy the heat, and the beer.

    • We went over 30 but barely broke 19 on humidity – a huge difference! It finally rained today, but despite my dragging all the plants out from under the eaves out front, they don’t look we’ll-watered. I’m bored with doing it myself after over 3 weeks of it!

      I know quite a few women who paint their toenails! I do it because I love the rainbow theme, have done the same for years, and it’s my sign of summer as I rarely wear shoes when on my own. When I go out, it’s TACKY flip flops with flowers on them. It’s also low-maintenance – only have to do it a few times during the summer. If I did my fingernails it would be a disaster in less than an hour.

      • Look at a map. See that large river crossing the province? St-Laurence rivers comes from the great lakes, and dies in the ocean to the east. Well, guess what. Our main air currents are from west to east, coming from the great lakes, following the St-Laurence. Québec (the southern part of it, where 98% of the people live) is a very humid place. We say it’s dry when humidity goes below 50%. Africans can’t stand our climate in the summer, even though they lived in places where the temperature during the day was often over 40 — they can’t stand our climate during the winter neither but that’s another story.

        Am I comfortable during the summer? No, like everyone else. But, I love every moment of it, no matter what. I was the one smiling last week during the heat wave, while everyone was avoiding getting outside at all. I was eating my lunch outside, people were wondering if I was feeling good.

        I know how if feels high temp and low humidity. People in Europe don’t know what they complain about 🙂

        You? Tired of taking care of your flowers? I don’t believe it. I’ve talked to my mother about you. She is a plant-woman too. Not as much as you, but she has many, inside like outside. At a previous apartment she lived in, she had one half of her living room dedicated to plants. I think her current partner doesn’t let her do lol. As far back as I can remember, she always had sunflowers, every summer. When she was in apartment, she grew them on her balcony. Do you have sunflowers? Get sunflowers.

        Oh my god, I’ll refer my mother to your blog, she’ll probably love it!!

        • I grew up in Florida – 40+ with 70% humidity, gasp, choke, sweat. I didn’t find it unbearable here at all, even the days it got up to 37 in the sun! There were a few times I had sweat running down the INSIDE of my nose, and said, ‘hmm – I should get out of the sun for a little bit.’ One day I took two cool showers and wet myself down with the garden hose in between. But I am NOT complaining – usually it’s all rain and cloud here.

          Hi to Mom! I have a low amount of indoor plants, as Spot eats them. Let’s see…9 downstairs, 10 upstairs. I think. I used to have so many more, in Ohio! I did a count there once and it was in the 30’s, just inside. Oh, shit – add two more to the downstairs count. Forgot one entirely and the other is outside for the summer.

          I have five sunflowers growing, and it looks like a couple will be blooming soon. I’ll make sure to take good photos for you 🙂

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