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Let’s talk about dogs


Right, so – iDJ and I just had a serious conversation about getting the dog ‘fixed’.

Who, me?

She’s my first female dog, and I did NOT expect a dog’s heat to be so disgusting. She bleeds everywhere for two weeks. It’s horrible. Luckily we have no carpet, so clean up isn’t too hard – if I could be bothered to do it. Last time she was in heat, I found blood spattered all over the lower half of the front door. Two weeks after she was all done. Ew, ew, ewwwww. There’s only so much a Magic Sponge can do, you know? And putting her in his old ratty boxers, with her tail out of the flies, just means we have to change her undies a few times a day and chase her around to put them back on when she slips out of them.

Oh yes, sooo great for everyone! Now, fair play to Neeks, she does not mind wearing people clothes at all, and never fights this indignity. But she sneaks out of her dog-jocks in her sleep, or when waiting for one of us to come home, or…okay, all the time. But she doesn’t do it on purpose at least.

See…it’s bad to leave her ‘broken,’ aka unfixed. She can get an infection from repeated heats without pregnancy. I don’t want to risk that, and we’ve risked it too long as we’ve been too broke to fix what’s broke.

Since I got a pay rise at work a few months ago, we’ve recovered a tiny bit and first on my list once we got some ‘wiggle room’ is to get Herself spayed.

And now it seems it’s a plan.

Hope we don’t have to dig the Cone of Shame back out of the attic…