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March Flairs


I do have some flowers!

Our snowdrops have been blooming since January. I’m very pleased with how just a few bulbs planted years ago keep spreading. We had -4C temps recently, and I was sad to see all the ‘drops were flat on the ground. Tough little plants, they perked back up in two days and a week later still look this good!

The daffodils and narcissus did the same flattening and same perking up, but they aren’t blooming yet.

My crocus. Eventually I plan to have that whole awkward patch of grass filled with them. I’m a little worried about how much moss is in there, though! Any tips on removing or killing moss without killing bulbs?

My gerbera daisies. I keep them indoors, but they were in four shallow pots and several years old. I repurposed a tall container, put holes in the bottom and some rocks for drainage, and used an identical container as a water dish. They now take up less windowsill room and have so much more space to grow. Four plants turned out to be nine, as well – they couldn’t be separated since they were so root bound. I know I did the right thing as I have so many blooms coming up! One seems to grow at least a centimetre a day.

Bloomin’ Wonderful


Himself bought me a bunch of hyacinth bulbs. I love to have them inside, as I adore their fragrance. Can’t do that, with kitten-features about the place. I was rushed to get them into the ground, so I stuck them wherever I could. I’m well pleased!

First one to show her face. I found her fallen over and staked her up, to no avail. Broken off at the stalk, this one is now fragancing my living room. If you look closely, there is another flower head coming up on the right, so all is not lost!

I’m feeling a bit sorry I didn’t put them in sunshiney places. This, and the next one, never see direct sun.

So lovely, aren’t they? And the scent is incredible. Hope I get some bees having a sip.

My new peony has survived! Not being sure how old she is, I don’t expect flowers this year. I could be surprised! It’s the first one I’ve ever grown.

Indoors, my gerbera daisy plants are soooo happy. As am I, to see these beauties every day.

Scottie – these are the ones I reccomend to bring some light and colour of life into your home. They are rather expensive to buy, for a plant, but if you grow from seed like I did, they are never ending beauty. 

Flowers (and Some Not-Flowers) in June


New Gerbera Daisy. Hubby bought me…six. They were on sale, and my batch of seeds did nothing this year. I won’t complain! This one, however, is very sickly. Not sure what to do to cure it. Gave it a good overnight soak indoors, then outside now that it is cooler and raining again (sigh for me, good for plants). I think it even looks rather cranky!

That’s a lotta gerberas. I have no idea if they will overwinter here – but I think not. So now I need to find some room inside for them when it gets cold again.

More foxglove (digitalis). Still going strong, but losing blooms all over the driveway. Sad.

More pink roses.

First white rose of the year! Such big blooms (it is more a tree than a bush, this rose) and smell amazing. I might only get a few this year as I’m battling black spot and rust on this beast. 

I’ve forgotten what this is. But it’s blooming. 

First rudbeckia – I think – it overwintered and now I’m not sure what it is! Might be the other thing I grew from seed…ah well.

Clematis! These are growing up the grey willow. A good 16ft or 5m up the grey willow! Shame it is so thick you can’t see the well. 

Oh, and we finally finished the trellises! Now to get those new clematis growing up them to cover that ugly wall. That’s Neko’s ball, by the way. And sometimes I play with Neighbour Cat with it – she likes to chase it, too.

California poppy! Love this thing. It’s in several places now, and I don’t mind a bit, unlike the Duggar Flowers. 

We got the yellow one on heavy discount as it was nearly dead (waterlogged). Glad to see it is coming back.

Some not-flowers:

Any idea what this is? I didn’t plant it. Found it in with something I had grown, knew it wasn’t a weed, and moved it. Arborvitae?

This is garlic that I apparently missed when I dug them all up last autumn. It seems to want to bloom. I’m a bit baffled by the curling stem – it didn’t start out that way! Should I be letting this happen? I have enough garlic now that I don’t need more, so I thought I’d let it go and see what happens.

Best for last! 

I have pinto beans! I took these pics on Sunday (they are much bigger now), when I went outside for the daily perusal of plants, and was just thrilled to bits.

These are genuine Colorado ‘Bill Zee’ pintos, sent to me by the lovely, loving, and wonderful Linda over at Life on a Colorado Farm in the bottom of a classic bean-bag (no, not the kind we threw at each other as kids). If you don’t know her blog already, GO. Farming, rainbows, dogs, cats, cows, and the occasional happy grandchild or family get together. I’m proud to call her friend. 

I am so pleased to be able to have a connection via the soil to someone so far away. I just hope I do these accident-beans proud!