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Cat Butts Catbutts – Where? Here!


I did a post back in November 2012 about things you could actually buy that feature cat-butts. A lot of the things I featured are still for sale. Original post is here: Catbutts, catbutts, everywhere! 

So why am I talking about Catbutts again? Not just because I see them hourly, but because if you remember that post, or have a look now, I was rather sad that my mom’s beloved sweatshirt wasn’t being made anymore. Not that I could find, anyway.

Well! I was wrong, and somehow my old post attracted the attention of the artist. I’ll apologise now, for not doing this sooner as she left two comments on that original post saying, “I’m still here, I made this!” but my brain is like a watermelon – squishy and pinkish, and full of seeds. 

Um. I’m not very good at analogies. 

I’m a bit forgetful, how is that? 

Let me finally rectify this. The shirt is still available, in many colours, at Meow.com – and it is as fabulous as ever. Or better – the full colour one is very impressive! 

  (Photo from meow.com website)

Anna, Head Cat Herder and artist/designer: I’m sorry again for not doing this sooner. At least you know someone out there still has one of your shirts from way back before the Internet even existed. 

My mom LOVED hers. Thank you for making her giggle so much.

Buy one for your loved one with a silly sense of humour – you won’t regret it!