Catbutts, catbutts, everywhere!


Okay, since we all seem to share a wonderfully childish love of talking about cats’ heineys, I decided to search the Internet for ‘cat butt’ and see what it crapped out.

I present your future Christmas wish list: (OMG did I just use the C-word?!?)

For the brave: Cat-Butt Chewing Gum!


Cat-butt magnets! Something lovely to look at on your fridge.


Cat-arse pencil sharpeners!


The classic: cat butt tea-towel/dish-towel holder! Butt, it looks way funnier when not holding a towel, I think.


Catbutt air fresheners! Yeah, I know. Supposedly it smells of gardenias. I don’t know what the manufacturer’s cat eats, but I surely don’t smell flowers when gifted with a cat-arse in my face.


Cat-ass salt and pepper shakers! I think this one is particularly funny, because Salt looks like she needs a vet. Even more than Pepper does, with his five arseholes.


Zazzle has a ton of things, as does Cafepress (I particularly like the ‘cats are nothing to scream about’ coaster.)

Well! The one thing I expected to find, besides the towel-holder, is a shirt that my mother owned and giggled incessantly over. Google has let me down, so I think I will have to dig it out and model it for you!

Um no. Days later… I have finally gotten the step ladder, dug through the vacuum packed clothes I never wear but can’t throw out, found the sweatshirt, put it on…and it looks terrible on me! So I held it as flat as possible to hide the wrinkles and asked iDJ to take pictures.

The front:

The back!!!


It seems a shame this isn’t on the market anymore. The copyright is 1986, by A.M. Grupke, and titled ‘Hep Cat, Nashville, TN’

My Safari didn’t like the only link to Hep Cat, and googling the artist only brings one link with an interview of the artist. It’s called ‘Cats Coming and Going.’

I think we need to bring this design back, I’d love the one in colour!

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  1. I, in fact, own a box of that cat butt gum. A gift from a grateful client.

    I don’t like the pencil sharpener. It feels mean. But the shirt has a number of variations; I own a Western one, and I have a tote bag with three cats fore and aft. Somewhere around here.

    The towel holder goes on my Christmas list for the Engineer, who has to step around eight cats in hos group house.

  2. Thanks! I needed something to make me smile and change my mind today, and it seems you are the one who found a way. That was really funny.

    I like the pencil sharpener. Pushing a pencil into a cat’s ass must be a nice to spend your frustration. And look at the tail, the cat is inviting you to.

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