Nobby and Felix have been Brushed!


I have one week until my Open Fair ‘exhibition.’ I still don’t have a business name, email, or even a PayPal account. No panic… har…

I’ve mentioned a few times that it was one particular reader who gave me the idea and the hope and the heart to attempt to sell my work. It was a lovely blogging lady in the UK named Annette, and she had asked my pricing on drawing her cats. Until then, it had never even occurred to me.

As a thank you, I drew her furry kids for free. I wasn’t charging when she asked, and I didn’t think it was fair to ask her to pay for what others were getting for free even though she offered. And I did owe her a huge thank you, and there’s really only one way I could show it, isn’t there?

This is Nobby, isn’t he a gorgeous boy?

This is his biography, from Annette: “This is Nobby. My cat soulmate. Clever, inquisitive, talkative, active, adventurous, athletic, brave, funny, loving, and Felix’s friend and protector. An alpha cat in touch with his feminine side!”
She told me afterward that beautiful Nobby is no longer with her. I cried.

This is Felix:

She told me this about him: “Loveable, playful, teddybear cat. Often bewildered by life, and not the sharpest tool in the box, but always ready with a purr…”

Sounds like my little Lokii ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m happy to have met two more lovely fur-people and one very special human, and to have such an opportunity given to me. Thank you, thank you, Annette!

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    • Thank you! I learned so much doing these two, as well. We had these lads and Fergus printed on photo paper yesterday; they came out great and only cost us โ‚ฌ2 each for an 8×10. I’m happy with that!

  1. Oh, Nobby resembles my Taffy of glorious memory, who was a staunch kitty too. Oddly when young (before I adopted him) he had a companion named Felix.

    The texturing is getting ever more complex and appealing.

  2. Spidey, does Catsparella know about you? She shows off other peoples’ work a lot and frankly yours WAY outstrips some of those others . . . . How do we place orders with you? How would PayPal work with euros –> dollars?

  3. She’s got to be delighted with those!
    Paypal is a very good system. It will convert. It might be worth figuring out an average price rather than trying to have three different prices. I sell to my export customers at a price set in pounds cos you never know what the fluctuation is going to be.

  4. Oh! Okay, do you have my email address? If so send it over! After I have some coffee I’ll turn on one of the ‘real’ computers and figure out this PayPal business.

    I’ll go see catsparella, too – thanks!

  5. Our wonderful artist gives me too much credit – her portraits are so much more than reproductions of photos; she really captures the personalities of our friends with fur.

    There is also something about the way she feels about the animals she draws that is very special – to know someone was thinking about getting to know Nobby – and cared – long after he had gone was something I can’t really describe properly, but it left a warm glow, and always will every time I look at this portrait.

    If you commission someone you love to be ‘brushed’ you won’t regret it; I have been very lucky!

    Thank you x

    • *biggest smile ever* I actually printed this out as a testimonial for my show tomorrow! Thank you, dear! Oh, let me know if Felix doesn’t print right, especially the fur on his body. His picture is one that did NOT work at the Kodak printers. fuji film people did it right, though.

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