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Neko is sick…again…


Sigh. Last evening Neko barfed up her food. All of it. It wasn’t like a normal dog-puke in that she emptied her entire stomach. I cleaned it up, and chalked it up to her being upset that ‘daddy’ wasn’t home at a time he normally would be.

I let her out, and the other end of her digestive system was working normally.

Roll on to five am, and she is puking again. Three big piles IN her dog basket before I was awake enough to get her out of it and onto the wood floor. (Why do animals always want to puke on fabric? What is the attraction?!? I can barely fit that bed in my washing machine…)

Unfortunately she didn’t stop vomiting this time when all the food was up. She was straining and repeating to barf until it was bloody foam. I set iDJ on to Google while I held Neko’s hair out of her face, figuratively. When she stopped he took her outside where she had another normal poop.

Argh, now what? Google (and common sense) say take her to the vet. Which we will, of course, as soon as we can get there this morning.

The problem is that we only have one car, and I have to use it to get to work. Work is 20k the other direction from the vet’s office, which is at least a half-hour away. There’s no good way to do this, unless iDJ can borrow a van from work. He says he can. I hope that’s a 100% yes, because a maybe at this point is no good to Neko.

Poor pup. Wish I could make it all better.