Piggy Peggy’s Last Update


But don’t panic, it is good news!

About a month ago, Peggy was distancing herself from the latest batch of kittens I couldn’t prevent. She had three, and it took her so damn long to show them to me, I was frustrated.

Once she finally did, I set to work on the taming. As expected it took a long time.

First baby to come out!

Eventually the other two came out, and dad was there also. He is such a good kitten dad.

While this was going on, I got dad neutered. I had to give him a name for the paperwork, so I had to use the admittedly lame name Big Guy.

Next was to get Peggy spayed before she made more babies. Amazingly to me, two days after his neuter Big Guy was … trying to make more babies with his girl Peggy. Literally right next to me! It was kind of surreal. She couldn’t be in heat, she was still nursing, right? And he didn’t have swimmers any longer. I decided nothing could have happened and moved on to step two.

I needed to get those babies new homes. I found a lovely person online who had many more resources than I do, so I caught them all and we drove them to Co. Cork (from Co. Mayo). She was fantastic and got homes for all three very quickly.

Then, because I knew Peggy was ready to make more kittens, I went into overdrive to get her caught and spayed ASAP.

A volunteer from the local shelter came and helped me catch her, took her away to the veterinarian and … I will never see her again.

She WAS pregnant again. They made it not so, and spayed her, and the shelter found her a foster home while she recovered.

And now… her foster family has fallen in love and will keep her.

Of course I miss her, and our lunches every day. But I am so happy she finally found a forever home.

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  1. Oh, my. This is some of the best news ever. I’ll miss knowing you’re the one feeding and looking after her, but to know that she really has a forever home and has come in from the cold is the update I needed today. Kudos for persevering till the dad and kittens were sorted.

    Big Guy is a perfectly good tomcat name.

    • I certainly do miss her! I have only Vickie left now – because I brought Big Guy home! He has to stay outside for now, he’s got the flu and parasites and he is terrified of my husband. Also there is the Lokii factor. But we will see!

  2. That’s one cute bundle of cats – they are some lucky kitties.
    You’re catching and getting them all caught safe in new homes. I know cats…Peggy may have a new location with food and soft bed, but she will always remember you who saved her. (Darn – worried now Big Guy is wondering where everyone went)
    Take care and smile a lot.

  3. Howdy!!!!I haven’t seen any posts from you in such a long time, I thought you had stopped, glad to see all is well with you and you are still in Mayo. signed your previous Knockaunakill, Mayo Abbey connection, now living in Everett, Washington

    • Well, I’m happy enough here! I sure wish I had your polytunnel though. I went through a good spate of depression but got back on the meds, should be ok now. I have to stop stopping them! How is Everett treating you?

  4. A mammoth job in every respect. Piggy Peggy did try to populate the world in her image but deserves to retire into the lap of comfort. From a comment above we see you’ve sorted all loose ends and Pop’s in clover too!

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