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I owe you all an update, especially for those who contributed to my county SPCA! They sure needed the funds, as they are still full up with kittens.

So, good news or bad news first? I think I’ll start with good, go to bad, and end with good.

Bear has a home! My husband and I drove him over 3 hours one way to deliver him to a lovely woman and her two children. He was terrified for less than a day, and is now ruling a house of three people and two boxer dogs. The youngest, a daughter, is is best buddies with him and I’ve seen many a photo of them cuddled up together. I can only share one picture for privacy reasons, but trust me, everyone is very, very happy!

Next, Elf has a home! Via Twitter I found a wonderful young couple in Belfast who fell in love with her. We met with them much closer than Belfast as they happened to be close by last weekend – it was only an hour and a half one way. Elf isn’t the same gregarious kitty that Bear is. She’s a few weeks younger, Vickie’s baby, and she hasn’t warmed to her family yet. She (and Bear) both litter trained immediately. But she is the kitten of a quite feral mom and she will take time.

Elf, with her paw on my boot on a very wet afternoon.

The bad news.

Jupiter was badly injured when I went to feed them on thanksgiving day. We can’t know how, but it’s possible he got into a car engine. His right ear was torn half off, and his back leg is broken. Since I had the day off, I caught him and took him to the SPCA veterinarian clinic right up the road. He had to have a pin put into his leg, and he is now recovering at the shelter. I can’t do any more for him but keep asking people to adopt him from there.

This Tuesday, Dot was hiding under a car, screaming. I’d seen her an hour before and she was fine. Now she also was missing half her right ear, and it was still bleeding. Again, I think she got into a coworker’s car engine. I can’t think what else could make such a clean cut. The next day, I saw she wasn’t able to hold her tail up so I feared it was broken. But she recovered.

They have also all been sneezing, especially Dot, so I’ve been given liquid antibiotics by the vet. This meant I had to catch them by the scruff and force it into them! Not fun.

Yesterday broke me. The runt of the family, who I haven’t even named other than Little One, was screaming from a back garden over the wall. I got her to come to me, and her right front foot was swollen and looked flattened. I started to cry. The SPCA volunteer was able to come and take her to the vet as I was at work and couldn’t leave. She later told me they think it is a bad infection. She wasn’t even limping the day before so I’m not sure about that.

I’d had enough: my heart couldn’t take seeing three of my babies hurt in a week.

The volunteer brought me a puppy cage and since it fit in my MINI, I took time after work yesterday to catch the last three babies (tuna works wonders). They are now home with me; safe, warm and well fed, if unable to run around freely.

Since they are still sneezing, I can’t let them anywhere near my boys. More antibiotics! So far I don’t think the lads know I’ve kittens, but the kittens sure heard Lumi talking! They all stood up and looked for him.

So I have, left to right, Rory, Shark, and Dot. I have a home for Shark, but it has to wait a bit. She’s (I think is a she?) really friendly! You might remember she was the first to eat from my hand. She really enjoys being petted, rubs her face on my hand, and lets me hold her.

Rory is a boy, and he was about as good as Shark when still out in the wild. He’s not happy being caged and hisses at me weakly when I go in the room. Dot is the one missing her ear, and younger than the other two, but she’s doing pretty good with being tamed, also.

A better picture of Rory and Dot (see the tiny nose dot? And the ‘freckle’ on her left muzzle?) from Wednesday. Enjoying the sunshine with Piggy Peggy.

So, that’s my news. Some very bad, some outstandingly good, and some both good and causing me a lot of work! I’ve cleaned that litter tray five times today…

Thank you again to everyone who donated, and one twice (Linda!). I also had a cash donation brought to me, and I was going to give it to the SPCA but I asked her if I could keep it to cover some of the food and petrol and she said absolutely yes. So we are doing well, just need homes for Rory and Dot!

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  1. Cold weather has dangers unimaginable for kittens: warm car engine that suddenly bite. Our SPCA has been warning people during the cold spells – and there’s been TV stories of tiny trapped kitties rescued. Animals in the “urban wild” have such a hard life – they adapt, but so many unnatural dangers. Here, the sudden swollen foot would either be a snake bite ( common) or fire ant attack – they will search out small animals and swarm them here.
    You have such a kind heart – those little ones may not know it, but they are the lucky ones. Thrilled you are finding homes willing to take them in. (Litter boxes. Sigh. A nuisance but a kindness)
    If anyone deserves gold stars in their crown once they get to Heaven, it’s you. (My grandmother said that…rarely, only when deserved) HUGS and Bless you and yours

    • My coworker, who I give a lift to and from work and had to wait the whole 10 minutes it took me to catch the babies yesterday! said I have a heart of gold for doing it. I don’t think so, I just have one where other people look away and don’t see a problem.
      We don’t have biting critters here other than dogs, foxes, and humans.
      We’re in a huge windstorm this evening, so again I’m glad I got them and the husband gave in to me freaking out worrying.

      • Chilling storm just beginning here…sort of like the afternoon RC was heard by blind Olde Tiger desperately crying for help as the tree branch she was on swooped down close to the power lines. Instructed by Olde Tiger, I went to help and grabbed her just as the lightening storm hit. All creatures great and small – all live matter. Thanks for seeing and acting

  2. Here in Colorado, USA…Fox eat cats and kittens. Do you think a fox tried to grab one or two? I am so pleased with all you are doing. You really do have a heart of gold. A lovely husband, who is willing to help…and some pretty lucky kitties! 🙂

  3. Hello heretherebespiders. Congratulations and grand praise for you. That is so wonderful and kind of you to take in the last ones and to do all you have for all of them. This is a hard time of year to have to take on extra burdens and you are wonderful for doing all you have done. Warm hugs

    • It is hard, our dog is dying of cancer so we’re making every day with her the best it can be. She’s actually doing pretty good, I didn’t expect her to make it past Halloween and now it looks like she will be here for Xmas also. But kittens, while messy as hell, are amazingly rewarding to help!

  4. Oh, I was afraid to hear much worse news!! I’m so glad you snatched them up. We have two neighbors wrangling feral litters right now. I feel like we all need to team up to find the mothership… Luckily, our county will neuter and vaccinate all of them for free.

    • I wish we had something like that here! But the SPCA is taking care of the hurt ones, and will TNR Peggy as they did Vickie.

      Shark is a boy! I know this now as he has been all over me asking for love today. I can let him out of the cage when I’m in the room and he doesn’t get into much trouble, just wants love! I even got headbutted on my own face 😻

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