The Plan for Peggy and Co.


I finally have the timing right: I know Piggy isn’t pregnant right now, I know where all of her kittens are and one teenager.

I also have all of next week off work! The Halloween stars have aligned to allow me to get them all help.

Look how close they will come now! My big steel-toe boot is right there.

I’ve been in contact with the county SPCA, which is very local. They are even aware of a colony directly across the main road. Likely it is a colony founded by one of Piggy’s daughters from a previous year, who has set up over there after surviving the crossing.

It’s the perfect time to stop this nonsense, give these babies a good life, and keep any more from being born and raised in the bushes beside a very busy warehouse.

It’s even more urgent as one of them has bad eyes. Bad eyes, but is also the friendliest and bravest kitten of the six.

This poor sick baby ate bits of cheese from my fingers, and then climbed up my leg in hopes of more!

I’m in love. Over and over again, I’m in love. Oh, with this little face especially.

Here is where I beg. Please, if you can, donate to help these lovely babies find forever homes.

We are also going to get Piggy Peggy (and hopefully Vickie) spayed and returned. They will keep their territory clear of other feral cats, and this is definitely Peggy’s turf. I am of course tempted to bring her home with me, but my boys are indoor only and so very bonded that she would have to spend most of her time outside in a strange place. What with my neighbour cat very decidedly, and violently, thinking this whole estate is her territory, it would be bad for them both. Of course if I can find Peggy a safer place I will be sad to lose my friend, but happy for her new, safer, life. As it stands, she knows very well how to be safe where she is. I won’t ever stop caring for her. If she looks ill or has parasites I will be there. Vickie… is very feral. In a few years I might tame her like I did Peggy. But it’s going to take a lot of time.

The SPCA is no-kill. If any of these kittens are seriously ill, there might be a problem to deal with at that point. First is to catch them, veterinarian check them, and get them used to humans more than my meagre attempts. They are young enough that there is lots of hope to tame them before it is too late.

So please, if you can, donate via PayPal by emailing it to my blog email. No matter how much it is, it helps. We need help, and it is such a burden on shelters to take in these unloved ones, give them health care, and find them homes.


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  1. Hello heretherebespiders . We get paid in a week. I will see what I can do for you then. Grand what you are doing. Will you be using a live capture cage or trying to get them one at a time? Will you be doing it or will they? Best wishes. Hugs

    • I don’t know yet! I need to pick up the trap and see how it works, and I will definitely be there as I have no idea if Peggy is tame to just me or will let a stranger get close. I think it’s likely just me. I’m sad to think she has trusted me and I’m going to do what she will consider a horrible betrayal of that trust.
      Scottie, I never wanted you to send me anything but love. I know you have a lot of that, and little funds. So don’t donate, please. I want you and your family to keep doing all you do. Huge hugs, HTBS

      • Hello heretherebespiders. We have used the live traps a few times here. They work well, and could capture four or maybe even five kittens at a time for the large ones, but as you say it will be a betrayal. I would ask the professionals how they have done it, what is best for the mother and siblings. If you have four or five of them, set food in them and then set them out like you normally feed them, they may just walk into them giving you the whole clan in one setting. I think you have to do it that way. If you try a few at a time they wont come back the next time. IMO. Again I am not the expert. As for helping we will try. As you say , every bit helps. Hugs

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