…And on Wednesday, Even Closer…


It was raining like hell on Wednesday, and I had little time with the cats as I had a personal emergency and so lost my lunch 45mins.

I fed them under the bushes so they wouldn’t get rained on too much. I got wet of course!

Something is wrong here…

Ah, no!

One two three four five … six. Six kittens now? I swear they are multiplying.

Six. Sigh. This gets worse every day. Except… look how close I am to them all. That’s very good! I stroked the ones who let me, but I move slowly and quietly and try not to hover my hand or arm overhead as that scares them.

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  1. Hello heretherebespiders. I am sorry I did not know you were posting again. I have to update my settings and go back through your posts. You are such a grand person to be taking care of this family. Great job. Hope all is well for you and your husband. Hugs

      • Hello heretherebespiders. I have always said you are so grand for what you have done for her. Now for her children. Is there a humane society there like there is here? You can not take on the care of them all on your own. Maybe a go fund me campaign? I am not saying you are doing anything wrong, but Peggy and Vicky need to be neutered. The males also if they can be caught , or the problem just gets worse. No matter how that works out, you have been an angel to those cats / kittens and your deserve a lot of credit for that. Loves and hugs

  2. Hello heretherebespiders. You mention the cats have ear mites and if so they may have fleas. There is a natural remedy for these things called catnip. However you simply can not give them a catnip plant they will kill it with too much love. What I do for the outside cats here, I take a ten inch plastic pot and an orchid plant metal hanging basket. I punch three holes in the top of the pot, and then after planting the catnip plants I set the wire basket on top and using plastic wire ties I fix the two together. As the catnip grows the cats can eat and enjoy what comes through the basket getting the medical benefit, but they can not kill the catnip plant it self. Hope this helps. Hugs

    • That’s a great idea! I don’t know how it would work, at work, but I do have catnip and will give the area the once over to see if I can come up with a solution. I don’t think I’ll get near Big Boy any time soon!

      • Hello heretherebespiders. I have missed your posts. I am sorry I have not known of your being back online. I hope all is well with you and your husband. I had done this in West Palm Beach. I put out 6 plants and had such a wonderful group of cats come, everyone had a different personality. I had two cats that showed up every day together, a thick coat Persian and normal coat cat. They clearly were from a local home well cared for. The Persian never partook of the weed, but the other would set on it with a passion. After a few minutes the Persian would rise up and violently smack the other cat over the head. Then both cats would walk slowly out of our yard. Well we all need a designated walker? If you are worried about the pots being too small you can increase the size to the size basket on top.
        Drop me an email telling me how you are doing, I care. Hugs

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