What’s Bloomin’


I have my first ever lupin. This baby wasn’t intentional. Himself wanted ‘red hot pokers’ and bought a pack of two (Aldi!). Only one grew, and I knew right away it wasn’t a ‘poker. I planted it last year, and this year I’ve three flower spikes and they are just lovely.

I’ve also clematis. I have four different ones, but this one normally blooms third. It seems to be very happy this year and jumped ahead of the rest. My poor blue one seems to have lost all its flowers due to heavy winds. Aww.

Lastly my beloved bearded iris opened yesterday. It was such a lovely sight to come home to yesterday!

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    • Yes! Lupin is ‘Texas bluebonnet’. Comes in all sorts of shades with the messing about plant people do. I do love those iris, this one is right at my driveway so if I don’t back in, I can get out of the car and have a long smell of it and smile. It is an amazing welcome home.

  1. It’s obviously deep red and purple time of year in your garden! I’m a lover of tall spiky plants myself: delphiniums, lupins, iris, foxgloves, hollyhocks, etc, so you’re ticking several boxes for me already 🙂

  2. The lupin is wonderful. Not a flower we have in the garden.
    We do have loads of iris of many shades and several clumps of red hot pokers.
    If you were closer I would gladly donate to your garden!

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