Return to Piggy Peggy


So, I’ve been off work for nearly a year and a quarter. I’m back now, and easing up from half days into full time.

Today, my old friend found me!

She is looking good! Her ears are clean as is her fur, and no parasites that I could see.

She was happy to see me, and remembered me right away. I didn’t even have food but I got to give her lots of cuddles and even some lap time.

Unfortunately, she still hasn’t been spayed. She shows signs of yet another recent litter. I’m also concerned because the houses I believe she ‘lives’ at have For Sale signs out front.

In any case, it made me happy to have a visit with my old friend Piggy Peggy today.

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    • Hi! Yes, she did again today. It seems she remembers my lunch break time from before, but I’m a half hour sooner now so she shows up just as I have to go back inside. Amazing she can both tell time and has kept that memory from well over a year ago!

  1. Oh, I am so happy she is clean and doing well. It’s funny how cats have built in clocks.

    And happy you are fit for work. I have been sort of negligent about blogs myself since February owing to being packed in ice in the chair after the hip surgery. Rebound in progress. I don’t know if cats mating on top of me while I was immobilized in bed like a beached whale helped or not.

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