Spring has Been Delayed


Some of my blooms. We are about a month behind last year!

Blurry bleeding hearts! So hard to get them in focus.

Anemone and what ever that ground cover is. I keep forgetting!

Indoor only amaryllis. No leaves! I’ve been told I should put her outside for the summer. What do you think?

New tulip! Fantastic.

Another new tulip!

Tulip and azalea bloom.

I just love these!

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  1. Flowers all elaborately dressed for a party (Hmmm wonder what they are expecting for refreshments? Fish emulsion shots? HAHA)
    My red amaryllis like that is outdoor – but we’re in the 70’s-85 F temps already….ust too tempting a long stalk to leave inside with Molly Malamute!)

    • We are happy to get to 60 your money! I’ve got so many seeds on the go and have to keep bringing them inside. House temp is about 62f, but outside it keeps going lower and lower… sigh

      Hope I can put this One outside eventually and get some leaves!

  2. That purple ground cover is Aubretia. I’d also put your Amaryllis outside before the flower finishes, to build up the bulb a bit. I’m lucky enough to grow them outside, and it it’s too hot when they’re due to flower, I *only* get leaves 😦 I have deep tulip envy; yours are gorgeous and I can’t grow them here, too hot when they need chill to go dormant.

          • I’ve been kind of a similar place. A lot of people who were here when I started blogging have disappeared into the ether, or decided they would “just do Facebook” (which I can’t stand, looking at those busy pages I feel like it’s a marble game in my head). And I’m so damn depressed about the USA that I want to crawl in a hole and tell someone to call me when it’s over. I can’t make myself feel as if it’s important to tell people about anything.

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