“I Know We Will Love Him”


Iggy went home with his new family today! Friends of ours, they are a man and woman with a little boy and girl.

These are kind, intelligent, thoughtful, artistic people – Iggy couldn’t be in better hands. He has already made himself at home and loves having four sets of hands to pet him!

Best part is I can visit with him when I want to (but of course I will let him settle in and bond with his new people for a while first).

Thank you to everyone who followed his rescue with me. iDJ and I are quite relieved he is safe now – and I bet Iggy is, too.

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  1. Yes I agree he is very happy to have a home and people who care for him. We rescued a cat that had been abandoned. We thought we would have trouble getting him used to being an inside cat. But he fooled us. He was at least 10 maybe more. He had been abandoned and forced to live out side. When we brought him into our home and family he never tried to go out outside again. He loved to sit in the window and look out at the world. If you left the door open to the outside to bring in stuff, he would ignore the open door. Ron figured he felt he had it made, in from the weather, and not having to fight other critters, and he felt he owned us and our home. I think Iggy is so lucky to have found you. You care so much for the animals of this world. Thank you for being such a person. Hope all is going well. Hugs

  2. Oh that is great news. Well done. You should be very proud of what you have done for Iggy. I am sure he will love his new home.

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