Jailbird Iggy 


He’s still at the vet. They neutered him last Thursday, the abscess is healing nicely…but he’s lonely. I just don’t know what to do. It’s costing me both in money and mental distress. I miss him at work all the time, but he can’t go back there as he comes inside the warehouse.

I’m beginning to think that turning him out in my back garden and hoping for the best is my only option. I hate that idea. I hate how people don’t take care of cats. It’s so frustrating to be full of love and full of hate at the same time.

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  1. He looks so much better. Have you thought of asking the Mayo SPCA – they may be able to find a nice home for him

  2. What a pretty little boy! What about building him a little house in the back garden, so he’ll have a place for bad weather and an anchor for territory? It might even be possible for the other critters to get used to him if he were outside at first. There’s the worry of whether or not he will take in that this is “home,” but regular food and attention might cement that in time for him to settle in, and it would be safer than the warehouse area.

    • I have hopeful interest from a friend in town – she is going to take the kids to go see him tomorrow at the doc’s office. Fingers and eyes crossed! My concern about bringing him home here is that he is very insistent and loud, and we have a rear sliding glass door that can’t be blocked off. Hollering needy lonely cat outside all hours is not going to make any of us happy, fur covered or not.

  3. I’m sorry for yours and Iggy’s predicament. I know full well how hard it is, I wish I could save them all too. I hope someone near you will take and love him. My love to you both.

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