Hope you don’t have it!

Spheksophobia is the fear of wasps. 

I still have strawberries growing – and apparently they are super sweet! I haven’t been able to find out about the last few because something else has been eating them first. 

I knew it wasn’t slugs, or beetles, or birds, or even earwigs. Wasps are eating my strawberries, and loving them! 

Oh well. If they are fat and full they won’t bother sour old me, at least. Not that I’m afraid of them: I’m very much live and let live unless one is in the house and one of the furry ones is about to get stung. Then there might have to be an emergency squishing. 

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  1. Always good to learn a new word, and I’d never heard of spheksophobia before. I do remember wasps going after the over-ripe pears in the orchard when I was a kid. They must want the sugar. In fact they may be making a drop of home-brew!! 🙂

  2. I do love how willing you are to live and let live. I can’t do it. You are such a better person than me. The environment needs far more people like you. As to bugs and bees I respect your courage. Hugs

    • If you think about the times you were stung, I’m sure they are like mine. You surprised them! To a bee or a wasp you aren’t much different than a plant, smell-wise. You might smell good or bad to them. But you sure as shit aren’t meant to MOVE!

      • when I was about 4 years old a bee went up my little shorts. I never knew what kind. I was terrified. I cried and cried and no one came to help. A guy in the apartment building next door came out and screamed at me all sorts of bad stuff and told me to take off my clothes. Before I could get my shorts down, things happened. My body and the bee went into action without my consent. . Then the bee stung where it is really mean of a bee to sting ( I think I peed on it so I guess I was rude first ) { I guess that was a first swelling of my boyhood? } Looking back I know now I was not badly hurt , it was more fear in my mind than anything. But To this day I can’t stand bees and I am allergic to them. And I never let them up my shorts. 🙂 Hugs

          • 🙂 ah any story we can limp away from is a story well told. Be well. Hey I am 50% and can walk 100 yards with my walker. They say I don’t really need physical therapy but as it is provided the come and do exercises with me. in 2 1/2 weeks I can walk with either my cane or no support if my body will do it. I already am back to the bed with no immobilizer. I feel so much better. Take care. Hugs

            • I have been offline a lot myself. Very tired. However getting stronger. IS everything OK and alright at your home? Best wishes. Hugs

            • He is back at work, four days last week four this one, due to a Bank Holiday. Next week will be a full 5 days and it will wear him out I’m sure. But he is feeling better for sure, and thinking of ways to drop the steroid weight. So hope for the future is back in his mind which is WONDERFUL.

            • Oh god. Poor Piggy Peggy. She had kittens, and last week I saw her again and she had five teats still going. Apparently a kitten picks one and sticks with it, so she had five. Still alive last week, never seen them – BUT.

              She was so scrawny and docile, I picked her up. Gave her a cuddle until she wanted down, of course. But it was a long cuddle, for her. Then I did it again. And realised she was CRAWLING with little mites. I did a dance of slapping myself for a while, went inside and wiped my whole front with alcohol wipes… and fell into a big fear for her.
              We bought some Advocate but I didn’t see her today. Minute I do, she is getting dosed. Hope it isn’t too late.

  3. I am glad to hear that Himself is doing better. Crossing my fingers you get a chance to give Peggy a dose of anti-bug. Ugh. Poor girl. I hate wasps and I loathe things crawling around in nice pretty fruits, so I just am not as phlegmatic as you.

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