Tigridia Time Again


You know I love these. Last summer I meant to post a gazillion of them, but Spot got sick and I haven’t really been the same since, to be honest. It is a hard thing to associate a flower that I love so much with the death of my best boy, but it is now a ‘thing’ for me. 

Keeping with the maudlin theme, I think that if I ever decide to have an actual grave and not ask that my ashes be spread between Ireland, Florida and maybe Cleveland, I would like my patch to be planted in Tigridia. They always begin to bloom around my birthday, and like life itself they are both beautiful and temporary.

I’m actually not depressed, I promise! How could I be with these beauties saying hello every day?

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  1. I was about to make a smartass comment about how come all the flowers were in the rain and then there were two that were obviously in brilliant sunshine, so your summer hasn’t been a total wash-out weather wise… They’re gorgeous, and I love the hot pink, coral, vermillion and butter yellow together.

    • It’s been quite nice, weather-wise! The problem with these babies is they might not be entirely open by 9am when I have to get ready for work, but they are definitely done by 7pm when I get home. I love the hot pink, and the stripey crosses, too. Never ending variety with Tigridia!

      • I guess you have to take your chances or wait for the weekend. You know, if you designed a flower like that, people would say it was unrealistic… Nature’s better at this stuff than we are!

  2. I can see why you love them, they are like you. So many layers, each more rich than the one before, all adding to a grand beauty. If they were planted as a memorial to your spirit they would grow deep & wide with joy. Hugs

  3. Damn, they’re gorgeous. They’re like a bravura version of the trillium I used to find in the woods of the Hudson Valley where I went to school.

    I’m sorry that association had to happen about Spot. He was such a remarkable cat, I still remember the pictures of him going shopping with you.

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