Sunshine Today


It was lovely!

Morning view
Lilies are opening up. This is the view from where I sit in the morning with my coffee. 

Big damn gazania
The gazanias are loving the sun, too! This is a two year old plant, and is truly enormous. Grown from seed, and is just stunning. 

Gazania 1Gazania 2Gazania 3
Gazania close up shots. The little white specks make me think of bird feathers. 

Hope you have had some sunshine, too! 


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          • We are hitting winter down here at the moment, and w.ill soon look a bit worse for wear
            It is still bright and sunny but a real nip in the air, and up here in Johannesburg frost looms.
            I have been collecting seeds.
            I normally take around half of what a pod produces and these are in an old Yogurt tub on top of a filing cabinet in my office.
            Come spring I will sow them.
            I have done this before but not with so many seeds.
            Next year I am determined to have the garden smothered.
            We’ll see!

  1. That first photo is wonderful: love the colors and contrast, the bumpy texture, and the dark and light highlights and shadow ( and of course the happy beyond belief flowers.
    Thanks for the close up of the gazanias. Always amazed by the intricate design of nature – really dramatic
    (ands it’s like 104 here today with high humidity from Cindy’s storm rain bands….melting…melting…melting)

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