I’ve Created a Piggie Monster


I’ve rather dropped the Peggy part of Piggy Peggy. She is Piggy now.

I don’t see her every day. Sometimes she doesn’t show up, sometimes the weather is too bad for me to have my lunch outside.

I haven’t updated on her in a while, but she is still my work kitty! She had a patch of missing fur on the back of her neck, which is healing now.

It looks much better, the fur is coming back and the scaliness is mostly gone.

She also had a tick on her ear.

Tiny here, but a week later it was still there and a lot bigger. I also was pretty sure I saw a worm coming out of her butt.

So, I bought her some Advocate. For fleas, ear mites, and worms. I was worried about putting it on her sore neck, but she didn’t mind a bit. I also touched the applicator to the tick, in hopes a direct application might kill it, despite ticks not being on the list of things Advocate is meant for.

The next week the tick was still there, but looking decidedly shrivelled. I left it the first two days, but then I pulled it out with my fingers. I know, I know – a bad idea. But it worked. She has a bare spot now, and another bare spot on her ear from an unknown recent injury. Poor wee thing. I am beginning to think she had no scars because she is so young. As she gets more comfortable with me, she wants to play – sure sign she is just a young one still.

Well, the scars are accumulating. I hate to see it. She felt scabby underneath her right jaw last week, but seems better this week. Hard to see under there, she isn’t terribly keen on looking me in the face, still.

But then. On Friday she learned that she could jump into my lap and get all the love she could stand. I didn’t see her Monday – weather was terrible – but Tuesday she took huge advantage of her new permission to find lap-happiness. She also kept trying to steal my lunch! Piggie for sure.

Today I was met at the door with, “Your cat is outside the office trying to get in.” Oh, hell. By then it was raining but as I went through the office I heard that one cat lady tried to let her in, but Piggy refused, and that she sat outside a partially open window and caterwauled for a while. Oh dear. I found her under a car hiding from the rain. She was so happy to see me, but I had to go to work.

Lunchtime it was still raining but warm. I have a sheltered place outside for lunch on warmer but wet days. She found me, of course.

Cat-selfie. She was on my lap going crazy for face-scratches and playtime. 

So – I already created a monster by her looking for me – or attention – outside the front entrance (that I don’t use). It got worse when I went outside at 5:30 and she was waiting.  She spotted me from across the pavement and came running, chatting her little call the whole time. Then I went inside. Wow, the screaming. Oh my dog, the screaming! It was like I broke her little kitty heart. 

So… I didn’t expect that sort of reaction. What do I do now? I can’t take her home. She’s an outdoor cat, and I have 1/12th the property she is used to roaming. Maybe a co-worker will fall in love? 

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  1. Maybe the other cat-person there? Otherwise you’ll have to tough it out till she learns the deal and sees the routine. Someone (else) is feeding her, I think. With luck, she’ll follow the food…

  2. I sounds to me she was once an inside cat that got out or dumped out. I had a cat I rescued that was outside for years. I got here in 2004 and the cat was out doors then. They tell me he might have been out side most of his life. In 2006 the lady taking care of him just left. We had moved and I did not know. But I went back to check the electric meter at the end of the month and he came running to me and climbed up my leg and into my arms. I took him home. HE lived with us until he died many years later. When we had the RV we would keep him in at night and let him out during the day if he wished. When we sold that and bought a double wide mobile home in the same park, he refused to go out. He told us he had enough outside time and prefered to be taken care of as an inside cat. He loved to sit in the windows, but refused to go out. You could leave the door wide open and he wouldn’t go. HE knew he had it good. Your piggie might be the same. DO you know anyone who could take her for a few weeks to see? She does need a home, things don’t look good for her where she is. Also it seems something is already attacking her. Keep me informed please. Now I am very worried for her. Hugs

    • I’d say it is the reverse – an outdoor cat that is just now realising how nice it is to be warm and dry and clean and loved. When your feet are always cold and wet from walking on rough terrain, a nice soft lap must be heavenly. I’m glad you helped your man. It sounds like he was very happy with you!

  3. She will learn the routine – and be happy outdoors in good weather, but in cold and miserable weather, she’s developing enough sense ( and good taste ) to try and worm her way in. (Andy chance of a small cate house in a sheltered spot? She’ll earn her keep hunting and cuddling…a company cat, please?)
    Be prepared for injuries and scars this spring unless she is fixed. I’ve pulled ticks off cows, horses, dogs and cats forever – easier when they are big and engorged as they will fall off when they can’t hold any more. The neck drops are more efficient and healthier to use, though.
    There’s got to be a home for this one someplace – she’s looking to belong and sounds smart and sweet – no trouble at all.

  4. Hm, you could start with making her a little house. One of those Rubber Maid or similar bins with two little holes cut out to get in and out (second in case another cat chases her in there). Put up on a couple of bricks off the cold ground. Would you be allowed to do that on the company lot? You can always point out vermin will stay away if she has a place to be there.

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