Bengals Love Water


I’m going to try Ark’s suggestion for making a proper embedded video post.

So far no luck. I do use the app. Let’s save this (hopefully) and try via Safari…

Can’t do it. I’m on the free WP version so it wants me to upgrade to share video.

Oh well. Here is my wee man having a great old time playing with ice in the big dog water bowl.

Now I’ve done all the work, but can’t figure out how to post. Nope, the app is way better.

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  1. Aww, I do love to watch cats play. It takes them right out of that damn superiority and back to kittenhood. I don’t mind clicking on a link to go to a video, don’t sweat the embedding thing…

  2. Hello great lady. First on the video thing, unless you pay for the extra video thing, you can’t embed videos. Word press charges for that right. Now to the really important stuff, I love Lumi. He is so grand. I once rescued an older cat that had lived outside so when he went to the water bowl he would use both feet to splash it and them wash his face before drinking. Water was every where. Oh did you get my email? I hope hope I did not upset you. Be well. Hugs

    • I use a free version of Word Press and I can embed videos no probs , Scottie.
      Copy the link under ”Share” in and YouTube vid. and paste in the Add Media section of Add New Post. Been doing it for years.

      • Hello Ark. Wow I think they have been taking advantage of me. When I first started you couldn’t use video unless you bought the video plan. So I did, and I never checked it. Until recently I was paying $60 dollars a year. Them I upgraded to a premium and it is included. So I guess it now just makes it easier to do, my videos just show up when I put them there. Thanks Ark. Hugs

        View Receipt Email Receipt

        Here is what they say it is:

        VideoPress Support:
        The easiest way to upload videos to your website and display them using a fast, unbranded, customizable player with rich stats.

      • OK, I was just afraid I freaked you out, I know I freaked myself out. 😉 It is a hard subject for anyone to deal with. Especially when it is someone you know. Hugs

  3. Love the bit near the end with the silhouette visible in the water dish!

    Also it’s catching. Since my Mr Ferguson married Nickel the Bengal, he sticks his head in water glasses all the time…

    • I like that, too! Even with all the splashing his shadow is clear.

      It is catching. Siamese are notoriously water phobic but Lokii drinks from a running tap, albeit carefully. And they have a glass of water in the living room that they both enjoy.

  4. It looked as though he was tapping at his shadow in the water!

    Re putting videos up, I put mine on YouTube first and then put a link to it in my post.

      • Tell me about the pix clear-out! I think both halpad and halphone are 10.2 so might make the diff. But tbh, I’ve been embedding vids for years, even back on Hal osx Tiger (10.4). Don’t forget Ark uses [insert dirty word] so may not be the same. I’m sure I just copy and paste rather than going into media. I don’t see why you can’t see them though, that is weird. My halpad is an Air and halphone is a 5 so neither are state of the art.

          • I do have one [dirty word] that I bought over a bank hol weekend when halpro’s logicboard died. I nearly died using the flipping thing. I hate w*****s. Should be banned on grounds of torture. I’ve since lost the battery and cable for it so can’t use it anyway 😀
            But back to Hals. If you have the same as me, I don’t see what the prob is. You *should* be able to see my link and *should* be able to embed yourself. Have a fiddle. Shout if you have questions, or tell me how you are (not) doing it. 🍀

  5. That is hilarious. We had a cat that loved to sit behind the shower curtain as you showered and bat at the drops running down. Cats are inventive
    The German was always putting her foot in the water bowl – just checking to make sure there was water there…dignified Germans hate to be embarrass or caught doing something silly.
    I know how to embed video from YouTube and places (under “add media button”, then choose “from URL” and copy and paste URL from video. But I’m completely hopeless and not checked out on loading in my own videos – and not sure I want them on the web/you tube anyway. ..but there’s always that hope of getting rich off a viral video. Sigh.

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