Books I’ve Read #8 – Unhappenings


Um, actually this was no. 7. I forgot about it! That doesn’t sound good, but it was only due to my needing a few days to write the post about Lumi. I kept getting interrupted!

Unhappenings is by Edward Aubry. A very easy read, well written and caught my interest from the start – what is happening, or unhappening, to the main character, and why? Genres are science fiction and time travel, so if either of those interest you, have a go. He does pretty well with human motivations, too.

Absolutely stunning cover art, too.


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  1. I am glad you like to read. I do also. I normally read after I go to bed for a little bit before sleep. Also in the morning when I wake up, I take my medications, and read until they take effect. I read on my IPad, either Ibooks or Kindle app for IPad. I am currently reading the books that the movie “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” is based on. There are four books, I am at the end of book 2 ready to go to book 3. Have you seen the movie? Hugs

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