Books I’ve Read #7 – Offspring 


Yeah, more Jack Ketchum. Offspring is a continuation of Off Season. I have to admit I’m getting kind of bored with him now. Too many at once, perhaps? His writing is great; that’s not the problem. I think that I’m getting used to the same type of story and the horror becomes predictable. I know what to expect now.

He also writes about nipples way too often. Describes them too often, also. Seriously, he seems to think we women are mainly concerned with our nips being injured. Maybe some women do but for me it gets old fast. Guess Jack is a boob man? Anyhoo, here is the cover:

…which I apparently never looked at properly. A movie? Have I seen it? No, looking at the official trailer, I have not. But it appears as though it keeps very close to the book. 

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  1. Sounds like you’ve ingrained his writing/plot pattern. Happens after a while.
    Hey, we’ve spotted an azalea blooming around the corner and 2 monarch butterflies – either things are very confused or we’re in for an early spring – days are a bit longer ( finally)

    • What is it, four or five in a month now? Two stand out – the first one and the odd one. The others seem to be the same story, sort of.
      Monarchs!!!! Wow. I hope you don’t get another cold snap, it would be devastating for them.

  2. 🙂 all I can says is ………….. Take care of your nips so they don’t get hurt. 😉 Smile, the universe is watching. Hugs

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