January Greenery


Usually not much is growing this time of year. But this has been a warm winter, mostly, and my plants are jumping ahead of schedule.

No surprise to see these fellows, though.

Snowdrops! Lots of them. I love how they spread and need no tending from me.

I’ve rather forgotten what these are. Bluebells, maybe? Hubby’s uncle did give me some last year.

Daffodils are really coming along, too. Ugh, so much clean up still to do!

For Ark – the cold hasn’t phased the monster gazania. For reference, that pot is about 45cm square. I couldn’t even get them all in the picture. 

I moved all my tulips last year. Or, I thought I did. Missed this sneaky one. Seems happy there, however.

Fall-planted garlic is going gangbusters, too.

As is the clematis in the grey willow.

And my azalea is covered in flower buds! I think it has sorted itself out, almost. Was it last year or the year before that it bloomed in November, the silly thing?

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  1. You are WAY ahead of me season wise.
    My daffies are just poking through the ground now and my Clematis is still in it’s buds.

    I do have a few Tulips pushing up though.

    Other than that all I have is in bud form or less.

  2. Impressed with size of your garlic! Mine not nearly as tall, though was last planting it out
    Spring is certainly coming.

  3. I love the snowdrops. My first glance at the picture gave me the thought of decorative propane gas lamps. The delicate gauze net bulb that you light is a bright white like those, and some hang down like that. Grand. Thanks for the memories. Hope you are doing well. Hugs

  4. My Mum loves Snowdrops, Primroses and Bluebells and our garden is awash with them every year.
    I noticed this morning that something seems to be munching on the Snowdrops though, either that or it was the frost but it sure looks like munch marks.

  5. I love the little snowdrops every year. We’ve had the oddest weather – 70F today and 80F predicted tomorrow before the Wed cold front. Only one serious freeze so far…if we can make it until Valentines, then the freezes are usually over.The plants are very confused. My lantana all froze back last week, but now already coming out from the roots.
    Funny how plants cling to be where they want to be – that tulip!

  6. You’ve just reminded me it’s almost daffodil season. I wonder where all my random bulbs will appear this year. Spring is always a fun surprise lol

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