I’m Depressed Tonight.


I have so much to share here, and instead I’m just…low. And I need to vent.

I walked into the canteen at work twice today, and the lovely big TV they got for us was on, turned to the news. Guess what dominated the news? Yep, the Cheeto President’s Inauguration coverage. I didn’t actually catch any of his speech. 

I haven’t had yet enough drink yet to watch it online, either.

Both times, I found myself starting to tear up. To actually cry at the evidence that this is really happening – has happened. Just because I am 3,000 miles away does not mean it doesn’t matter to me.

All reference to LBGT and climate change has already been removed from the Whitehouse website. ACA is under attack with nothing to replace it. There are no foreign-to-US diplomats anywhere in the world tonight. He’s nominated so many wrong (and rich) people for cabinet positions that my brain actually can’t grasp how fucked up it all is. 

I have family that isn’t white. I have family that are elderly and not financially well-off. I have family and friends with very young girls. I have family and friends that are relatively young but permanently ill. I have a lot of atheist friends and family. I have no Muslim friends, but I do have Hindu and Wiccan friends. I have gay friends, bisexual friends, transgender friends, polyamorous friends, asexual friends. I have friends with Asian heritage, South American heritage, Nigerian heritage.

All are targets now.

I fear for all of these people. Mostly because of how Cheeto’s supporters now think it is open season on ‘the different’ – meaning anyone who is not straight and white and has no discernible accent. Or funny clothing. I know it happens, every day. Not just in the USA, of course. My point is that his election lets some people think it is perfectly fine to discriminate now.

My husband has gotten into physical fights because he ‘looks gay’ with his beautiful long hair. Ireland. 

I’ve had guns pointed at me twice, because I dared to date someone with a different skin colour than my own. America.

Do you see the difference there? No one ever tried to fight me. They threatened my life, instead. This is not acceptable and this bastard has made it clear that white supremacy and violence are just fine with him. Expect more guns pointed at teenage girls in love.

I have two friends on FB who support Trump. One just liked his inaugural videos. The other? Posted some shitty meme about how no one ‘violently protested’ Obama’s inaugurations. Pretty sure that isn’t true… it also called people like me ‘snowflakes’. I’m somehow weak because I have these concerns? How does that make sense? No, I’m not crying because ‘I lost’ or ‘it didn’t go my way’. I’m genuinely worried for the state of not just the USA but how it will affect the rest of the world. FFS, two of the people behind the big housing crisis are now cabinet nominees! Ireland is FUCKED because of that! I couldn’t get a job for nearly two years because of that!

Right, I’m done. I’m going to go prepare my protest signs for the Women’s March in Galway tomorrow. Oh yes, we are going to one of several protests being held in Ireland tomorrow. Hubby made us some wonderful laminated posters, too. 

You might see us on the news.

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  1. You are not weak nor a snowflake to care about the wellbeing of others, and to be patriotic. I have the same concerns. Thank you for saying what I so far fear and yet have not been able to find the right words. Hugs

  2. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Well said and I salute the author. I can tell you when she says she cares she really does care. She has called me a few times and the calls have always been wonderful. I agree with her. I also fear the rise in violence from the trump supporters. I fear the damage that can be done quickly to all the groups she mentions while the respite and help for them will take a long time coming. The shift in the country to taking away the civil rights of some groups is both stunning and chilling. To enshrine in law the ability to harm others, to make others a second class citizen is never something to celebrate. If it is used against one person, it can be used against you. As I said in other blogs just the fact that the nominees for offices and departments are all people who want the elimination , destruction of, or the ending of the services those offices provide, shows actually what these people plan to do to the US, and to us as a people. I hope people are recording this, we all need to remember how it started, where it went, and never let it happen again. I also cry. We all should. Hugs

  3. Quite apart from all the excellent points above, there are going to be some very interesting conflict of interest issues surrounding his offshore investments, awarding of contracts, etc. Good luck to the Senate unravelling all that… I’m wondering how long it’s going to take before the first howls of protest arise from within his own ranks…

  4. We have regularly elected what appear to be brain dead a’holes down here, which is often de rigeur in Africa, so I just let it all pass me by Our President (Zuma) is slowly but surely on his way out but there is now talk he is trying to get his ex wife elected as the next Pres, apparently so it will be more difficult for legal agencies t come after him once he is out of office!
    Dickheads one and all.

    I just change channel. So much easier.

  5. We are digging in hard for the fight here, Spiders. On this dark and evil day, 800 people lined the main drag in Fayetteville, AR, proclaiming that love trumps all. The Indivisible Movement is gathering by the minute. Let’s see what happens in the mid-terms. Two years. Give em hell in Galway. Solidarity now.

  6. I am in the States, and heard the news, could be good if he actually did what he said, revitalize American manufacturing, and real pay for those jobs! Something Mayo will never get. 😦

  7. I’ll look for you.
    It’s been said that Trumpkins love your tears, and alas that’s true becausr his core constituency are the kind of people that got their rocks off torturing weaker and “different” kids in third grade. But being able to cry about this travesty means we are still human.
    I wear my stupid safety pin not because I want people to think I’m cool, but to remind me never to miss a single chance to resist this.

  8. Sweet pea. You are not alone. During a routine doctor appointment today, my doc said she teared up on the way to work at the thought of today’s inauguration. And that opened the door for me to tear up too. We both had a cry. Then we dried our eyes and got on with what needed to be done.
    We both vowed we’d bring light to our bitty corner of the world immediately around us. And like you, we’ll be joining others in the Women’s March who also believe in standing up for unity and fighting unjust legislation in our communities.
    It is a start.
    And if you need a good cry to start with, then take it, knowing you aren’t the only one. And then do what women have been doing throughout history. We pull the loose threads together and do what needs to be done.

    And as you march, remember, I may be 9 hours behind you, but I’m marching with you.
    Hugs and Hope.

  9. I actually can’t bear to look at the man (the hollow man), or listen to his voice when he comes on TV. As a friend put it the other day, in one simple sentence, ‘He makes my skin crawl’. I cannot believe or understand why ANYONE would vote for him. I read this article a while back:


    If he’s made such an amazing cock-up of a golf course how in the hell can he possibly run a country!!! He’s a blustering, obnoxious fake of a man.

      • What’s your impression of his supporters? What kinds of people are they?

        I think some of them were accurately described by Clinton as “deplorables”, but others seem to be decent people lacking discernment. What do you think?

        • I’m mostly ready to respond to this now.
          Some are, awfully, the of white power mindset. Those are the deplorables. That Trump has done a little a little too late to prevent or discourage the violence, bullying and actual murder of people in the name of his campaign rhetoric that inflamed these people is… reprehensible.
          Some have no grasp of what voting for a president meant, after years of voting or even just rooting for someone to be voted off the island, or more aptly, the Apprentice.
          Some picked one topic and that was it – abortion was the thing for one of my childhood friends. If her husband, an OBGYN, can’t explain to her why it is sometimes necessary even for a wanted pregnancy? Either she doesn’t listen or he is also one that believes a woman should host a dead or nearly dead fetus until labour starts. Ah no.
          Some are exhausted by seeing their livelihoods moving away – and hoped he would help. The opposite is happening.

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