New For 2017 – Books I’ve Read #1


I don’t actually keep track of how much I read! So from today on, every time I finish a book, I’ll post it here. 

Today I read Jack Ketchum’s The Passenger. I just discovered Ketchum so there will be more of his to come. Ketchum was recommended highly by many members of a Stephen King FB group I’m a member of. So far, I agree (Girl Next Door is gut wrenching).

It was very short, hence being done in a few hours. Should I do a rating scale? I read too fast to do a review, really. So out of 10 – a 7. Would have gotten more if it wasn’t so short.

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        • Gotcha. This author is pretty heavy, I’ll admit that. Hence the warning for lovely Scottie.
          I’m okay with it. While I do like to be reminded that people can be good, I also like to be reminded that we are capable of true horror that doesn’t need ghosts or monsters.

          • I have read my share of King and Koontz in times past.
            And watched movies in this genre as well.
            These days I prefer to read Pratchett, Tom Sharpe or Science Fiction writers.
            As I write humorous stuff, I don’t want my head filled with horror nonsense. I have enough trouble with insomnia as it is! 😉

            • Science fiction can be horrifying, too.
              You know I’m a huge King fan – Koontz has gone all preachy in latter years and I’m rather bored with him forcing his morality, heavily laced with Christianity, into every book. King does it sometimes, but he also has those amazing stories The Green Mile, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, and The Body (Stand by Me).

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