The King of Gifts


Three years ago, my best friend Socks visited Maine.

Who do I love that lives in Maine? Could it be my life-long hero Stephen King?

Well. Socks went to his house.

And took a beautiful photo of it.

And took an autumn leaf from the grounds outside the friggin’ awesome fence the King’s have around their property!

And framed them both up, and sent them to me.

One bookshelf out of four that are crammed full of King books and comics. Um, and wishbones. I save them. Seems like an appropriate place to store them! Of course, Socks’ framed photo and leaf had to live here, too.

Look at the gates! How awesome are they?

One of Stephen King’s leaves. How damn cool is that? Maybe one day I’ll meet him and totally creep HIM out by saying I have some of his property? Heh. I am a Constant Reader, but I don’t think I’d qualify as Number One Fan! That is pure cockadoodie.

Thank you again to Socks for this, I treasure it so much. You are the best friend ever. 

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  1. Awwwww. I’m all warm and fuzzy. I only wish I could have been there with you. In lieu of that, I did the best I could. Love you, you cockadoodie!

  2. Great gift. Both myself and a friend I’ve known since childhood love Stephen King, and we’ve read almost all this books. A couple of years ago he went to Maine with his wife and had a photographs taken of himself stood outside those gates looking like the cat that got the cream, and then sent it me when he got back. He was showing off and I was very jealous! Hahahahaha.

    – esme upon the Clou thinking his best book has always been The Stand

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