New Boots


I needed new work boots! As you can see. Exactly the same model, but so nice and shiny clean it seems a shame to beat them to hell, too. I managed to wear them from 9:30 to 4:15 today before I got sore. They just need to loosen up a bit. Condsidering that I have walked an average of 8km (5miles) a day at work this week, that isn’t a bad break-in time before I realised I might be heading toward blister-toes.

I’m married to a shoe-guy. He is also the shopper of the family. He is also really, really good at spotting a good, rare shoe at a great price. So now I have two beautiful sets of Doc Martens. I love that he knows me so well that he gets me amazing boots or kicks (sneakers) that I will actually wear! The black ones are called Coralie, quilted leather. The brown ones are…who knows. Now, I just need to be the kinda gal who changes her shoes three times a day so I can wear them all…

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  1. Got to say, not a Doc Marten fan. Had then, didn’t like them, never got them again. The wife likes them though (The purple ones!)

    I used to like Cats but hen they got expensive and the quality dropped. So they went. Now I just go for mid-range stuff from Dickies or somewhere like that.
    I did get a pair of Police issue boots while I was at the Ambulance Service and was VERY surprised at the VERY poor quality. B-(

    • Finding women’s work boots is a bit of a challenge. The Cats were £59 so not cheap! Over here they would be €105. I’m rather liking the exchange rate at the moment.
      I have wide feet, so some shoes just eat my pinky toes to bits. Converse are the worst! I’m becoming more of a Vans person. A titch wider and more comfortable.
      I like the Docs because they are wider at the toe.

  2. I am perplexed about this myth that women like shopping. I need new underwear (shredded by new dog who has a bra, knickers, socks, boxers, sweatshirt, T-shirt, overalls and tea towel fetish) but I can’t bring myself to endure the agony. My partner does the grocery shopping and regularly meets other men who are all shopping because their wives loathe it.

    Nice boots 🙂

      • She arrived, ie followed Partner and little Snowy home, on Feb 28. She’s another podenco like Snowy, but he’s small, albino and short haired. She’s medium (got a LOT bigger since she arrived), cinnamon with white socks and throat, and wire haired. She’s not long had a litter when we got her, but she won’t be having any more. Rescue places are heaving in Spain, let alone the dogs that are just thrown on the street.

        Partner meets some people he knows at the supermarket 7/8 am, and gets chatting to others at the check-out. I don’t mind the walk there/back. It’s just the bit in the middle I can’t bear. The only shopping I can tolerate is going to a veg shop/van. Or a health food shop.

  3. I do love a nice pair of DMs – used to have a bright green pair, bought from the DM store in Covent Garden back when… The black quilted ones are fab, but I tend to wear slightly less sturdy footwear most of the time these days, the tropics are not the place to lace yourself into heavy leather unless you absolutely have to!

    • I’ve got a few pair now, some shiny black patent leather ones, and white ones…seriously I have too many shoes. We won’t talk about how many HE has!
      I’d be barefoot most of the time if I could get away with it! I was in Florida, and so many injuries to prove it. Never stopped me 🙂

  4. Wow some people can wear boots and some people can command them. You command them and wear the crap out of them. You do it with pride. I have a set of boots that have hardly any ware on them and I feel proud of the fact that I own boots. You are again an inspiration. Thanks . Loves these posts. Hugs

  5. Never enough good comfy boots. DM have always been too wide for my narrow foot and I always seemed to be between sizes (It’s not really cold enough here for big heavy socks) But now that DM’s are back in the stores, maybe I can find some that fit.
    You are one lucky person – more than one pair -and an old pair to wear when you need boots but don’t want to wear good ones.

    • I have big wide duck feet! I never even considered how a narrow foot might suit a shoe. Oh, I bet Converse work for you well? They squish me to the point of pain.

      I do love those Cats, and the new ones gave me ankle blisters so I’m still in me old ones for now! I walk at least 8km a day at work, so they really must be broken in a bit.

      • I wear a lot of Keens (of various styles – that company has the weirdest sizing – so inconsistent), and Dansko. Nike’s used to work, but now all seem to be made of knit/fabric and I can go through that quickly. A place started carrying Timberland so I may try some of those again. ( I used to have multiple styles and boots that were Timberland, but then they seem to become lesser quality/fit)
        When I find something that fits, looks like it will hold up, has comfy feel, I will go immediately back and buy another pair before styles change – my next summer’s Keen sandals are in a box on the shelf waiting.
        (I need to consider how that leaf made it in such good condition and try it with some lantana flowers/seed…hmmm)

        • I never heard of either of those brands! I’ve been away for a long time, though. I also learned the ‘buy in multiples’ lesson. For me, it was the fabulous flowered flip flops. Which, after 13 years? have become about one sad floppy pair. But damn, I loved them.

  6. Just an update !!! Ron has been complaining his ankle hurts. I reminding him of what my doctor told us. I needed more support than sneakers could give. So we went out the other day on our day out and got him some boots. He wore them out of the shop as he said his ankle felt better even in the store with the boots on , and said within an hour of wearing them his ankle did not hurt.

    I reminded him the same doctor told him I needed boots to give me more support and help my back and hips. Ron decided when I had my big decline that the boots were too heavy for me and insisted on my getting new sneakers again. I have worn them up until he got boots and realised how much better they felt and how more stable he was, his ankles hurt less. For me it is the back and hips do much better with support. So in his defence he said he thought the boots were to heavy for me. As soon as we got home I went to my closet and got my boots back out and put them on. He has not said a word! Though you would like to know this. Rather smug hugs.

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