More Lumi


Yeah, I’ll likely be doing a lot more cat posts! Most of you won’t mind 🙂

Still having kitty cuddles. This isn’t going to stop unless someone has a major personality change. It can happen – but for now, the boys are buddies. 

Sleepy kitten! He seems to have bags under his eyes when he gets tired. 

Tired of being sat on? Shortly after I took this, Lokii flopped down on Lumi’s head and nearly smothered him. Lokii gets tired, too! All that playing. And the warm fire right there to stare into.

Kitten smiles…

…and kitten looks rather demented when chatting with me when he wakes up!

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    • Lumi and happy pills are doing the trick. Having last week off work helped too, my hubby is also very unwell so between the pair of us, we needed some time to recover, and reconnect. Back at work this week but himself has some good mates that have been looking out for him this week 💚

  1. I bathed in the joy and happiness of these pictures. I went back over them several times to let the tender love of them sink in. This is something I and the USA needs so badly right now. This whole disgusting thing being talked about on all the news maybe important, but it is terribly upsetting. Maybe I am viewing these things through the lens of my past.

    I love these pictures. I really enjoyed the ones where they hug and show affection. How do you get them to do that. We have two cats. However they wont be nice to each other. They wont let the other lick them, because the younger one starts out that way and then bites. The older one is jealous of any time I spend with the younger one. They have only once been seen sleeping next to each other. We must have done something wrong when the younger one came into the house. I just wished they got along better. They constantly try to bite each other and the older one tries to mount the younger one. I spend my time trying to keep them for going at each other and proving I love both equally. Any suggestions?

    Thanks again , I really need that dose of love and cuteness. Hugs

    • It’s really that they are both boys, and one is so much younger than the other. It was much scarier bringing Lokii into the house with Spot – he HATED other cats he saw outside! But Lokii was so persistent, always looking to sleep with Spot, that Spot finally gave up and let him. Knowing Lokii’s kitten-history, I knew he shouldn’t be alone. He has never been the only cat, and made such efforts as a baby to be close to Spot.
      Most cats aren’t like this.
      The main thing I always do to get two cats together is play the ‘what is that under the door?’ game. This works best, in our house, in the bathroom where there is a big gap under the door. Get one cat one either side, get one to play with something – fingers, a toy – until they get a foot or leg under the door all the way. Then other cat is all…WHAT IS THAT! I’d like to play with that!

      They get used to interacting, and the other’s scent (strong in paws), and it is fun for both.

      • MY mistake I think was in the first weeks. See all the animals we have shared our home with have bonded to me. It is a running joke in our home. I think it because I have more time to share with them and I do really enjoy doting on them. However James wanted his own cat because at the time Milo wouldn’t have anything to do with anyone except me. SO we let him get a kitten. I think it was too young to be taken from its mother but he got it. To help it bond with him I stayed away from it, did not pick it up , did not touch it, basically avoided it. Well after about a month the kitten developed a be alone attitude. So I started to pay attention to it, and even though it then bonded to me ( to James anger and disgust ) it was too late. It had already developed its personality. Now I can get Odis to come sit in my lap but he wont anyone else, the two cats wont snuggle or even lick each other. The do like to ambush each other when possible and I find as they get older I have to break up more fights. Both have claws and teeth. Milo is older by many years and much thinner than Odis. Odis is huge and strong, but is scared of his own shadow while Milo backs down from nothing. In fact Milo doesn’t take the word no well at all. He thinks it doesn’t apply to him. Our nick name for him is “Emperor Sir WaddlesButt”. Thanks and hugs

        • We are having a hard time with the dog. She doesn’t know what a kitten is, and Lumi has no fear of her. Tries to stick his head in her food while she is eating, or sniffs her butt which is quite fragrant as she has bowel issues (and is sore, so wants no one near her butt). So far every time she has growled – but one – has been for a good ‘dog reason.’ They just don’t speak the same language.

          • I think they will soon. That one being we both love the same humans so lets get along. You are a good human and the four legged ones don’t hold it against you that you only have two legs, can’t smell worth a dang, and insist on adorning your natural skin with strange stuff instead of getting right to the job of feeding them. The don’t care you are slow, that you don’t play with proper toys and spend a lot of time you could be “petting grooming” them staring into a flat screen you wont let them bat the moving thing on. IN fact cats and dogs seem far more tolerant of our “faults” than we do of them or each other. Loving hugs

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