We got a kitten. I wasn’t ready, but Siamese Lokii was pining badly for his buddy Spot. As we all were. But he was crying all the time, and eating the dog toys even more than usual. I won’t say he was clingy, because the pair always shared me together and he didn’t really know what to do with us humans, when he didn’t have his brother with him to show him what to do.

It didn’t take long before he became big brother to Lumi. My legs, by the way. 

Good boys.

Sleepy kitten. 

Sleepy kitten with big paws. Do you see the glitter? His toes are sparkling silver.

And his nose is sparkling gold. 

Kissable little boop-nose. And he lets me kiss it. 

Those eyes. 

When he first wakes up from a long nap, he loves to talk about it. He still has the tiny kitten voice, so I wake to him sleepily coming up to my face and ‘meeping’ to me. Then he licks my nose, or eyes. Usually my eyes! I think this picture gives an indication of what he might look like all grown up.

Lumi (Finnish for snow) is a lynx seal point snow Bengal. His markings will darken, but the white will stay white. I didn’t get him for his looks, but his personality. I couldn’t imagine life without a Bengal in it. He has been such a little love, I know I did right. I didn’t replace Spot, but made a new place in my heart to be filled. 

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  1. He’s talkin’ in that last picture, isn’t he???

    What a little lovebug, and thank you for all the beautiful cuddly pictures. I need that kind of thing more often these days.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhh yes. Spot will always be there, but the anguish just simply must be softened with this little guy, who is GAWgeous. Yay. I am happy for you. And what a speedy intro to Lokii! Night and day, yin and yang. Wonderful. And thank you for your vote. Terrible times.

    • I know you wanted to hear the news. He is a little monster and a love bug both. Wee pale saviour of me and Lokii.
      My dad and his wife are both very attentive to what is going on, and are voters too. At least two more in your state who give a damn!

  3. I am so glad that Lokii fell in love with him. It makes everything much easier for everyone. Big hugs to you.

    I am getting closer to thinking about another dog, almost there but not quite yet.

    • Take whatever time you need. We waited too long to get another dog when Lokii was a kitten, and he never accepted her at all. Another reason we rushed to get Lumi – do it before he forgot how to cuddle. It really did work, he is very happy and playful and hasn’t chewed up anything since Lumi arrived. And he actively seeks Lumi out to sleep next to him, which is wonderful.

  4. It’s an honor to what Spot brought to your life that you have the love to welcome Lumi. And OMG, how freaking cute is he?! 🙂

  5. Now that’s a really smilie face. Cutest “bunny” face ever. What a gorgeous kitten. You must be right about getting Lokii before he forgot how to cuddle – and while he was anxious to adopt a comforting friend. Nothing as nice as a chatty cat – they do fill the room.

    • He is huge. Not quite 10 months old yet, he is nearly 14lbs! Still tries to fit into the bed our previous Bengal picked out – with his Siamese brother! It’s a tight squeeze but they love each other.

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