Peace Out


I have one very very healthy and happy rose bush – my all-time favourite, the Peace rose. It is finally coming into bloom, and I have to say I’ve been able to get the most gorgeous photos of the first bud.

Day one…

Day two…


I’m still sick, but it’s sunny today and it costs little of my energy to sit outside and smell the flowers. I’m so grateful. The peace rose was my mother’s favourite rose, and I have so many good memories of her when I am enjoying this rose (it smells as good as it looks). 

Oh, for Socks: How I did it. I did some photo editing on the first two shots to bring up the ‘black point’ and make the dark green leaves look black. I don’t know if any of the further THIRTEEN buds on this tiny bush will also have the full-leaf background to make this type of shot possible again. 

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  1. Ah, she’s a beauty, and one of my own favourites, too. The bud shot is particularly lovely, with the drops of dew standing clear and sharp on it. Beautiful photography. Get better soon….

      • A little sunshine is very good for the sick person. After a few feverish days in bed, I was glad to get outside and soak my bones in ultraviolet… Stick hacking like a good ‘un, but on the mend.

          • Know that feeling: bubble, wheeze, squeak, bubble, wheeze. I had bronchitis every single winter as a child, and weeks-long colds and flu as an adult. Then I moved to Australia. Bang. All gone. I still get colds, sure, but they don’t go straight to my chest any more. And I get flu shots every year like clockwork because my immune system was damaged by the chemo. LOTS of steam for you, but you know that, I’m sure.

            • This is my fifth or sixth course of the antibiotics! I’m on a waiting list for an ear nose and throat specialist – but whoo boy that will likely be next year. Been waiting since Oct to have the cyst in my wrist removed. Ah, Irish medicine!

  2. You are a wonderful lady and it saddens me you are not feeling well. You had started this illness when we talked quite some time ago and now it is so much worse. I hope you have good sick time benefits and health care there. I was so amazed at the flower pictures. They are stunning. So rich , almost creamy looking, so delicate and yet vibrant with the water. Can you submit them to a local photo contest? I bet they would win. As you know Florida climate, could I grow them here , or do I have to wait till I move. My wonderful Ron loves Roses. I use to grow them for him when I could do garden and plant work. I am going to try my best to do some small flowers in pots. I would love to gift him with a rose like that. Can you tell me the sun it needs and other tips to get them that wonderful. I doubt I could do as good as you, but I would love to try too, for Ron. Be well, and know I am thinking of you. Hugs

    • If you get a big heathy rose, you can keep it in a pot and take it with you! I never did much growing in FL. Mom had one in FL, but she didn’t care for it at all so it only bloomed once or twice a year.

      • 🙂 I grew a lot of stuff in pots. One of the things I was proud of, I had four size 10 plastic pots, I drilled three holes in the outer rim on top of the pots, I planted catnip in the pots, and used the wire basket for orchids turned upside down and secured to the three holes in the pot rim. That way the catnip grew and was fresh. The cats could eat all they wanted but couldn’t kill or eat the plants to the root, they could only eat what grew through the wire basket. It was great. We had so much catnip and so many cats come to our “catnip bar”. Many funny stories. Ron really wants a rose like yours. Thanks and hugs.

    • Hubby brought my massive hammock down from the attic, and I spent most of the day reading in the sun! I did cut down some of my spent raspberry canes, too. Wore me out… Still, thinking of going back to work tomorrow. Depends on the quality of my sleep tonight.

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