Low Choices…


I decided that I only want toys for my birthday from here on out.

An electric bass guitar is my first toy request!

Fender Squire P-bass or the Vintage Reiisued V90?

Lokii isn’t much help – he runs when you pick a guitar up…

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  1. I love it! Is Lokii the beautiful siamese cat ? Did you just have a birthday. I was having trouble following it all but it seemed that you were getting wished cake and birthday greetings? IF I missed I am sorry and I do wish you a great grand belated birthday. I do agree with you, toys are wasted on the young, we “slightly older” are really deserving of toys and lots of them. Hugs

  2. Happy belated! I missed the references to it completely… I agree, toys are wonderful, but personally, I go for gift cards to the fabric shop, so I can go bonkers shopping without guilt.

  3. Happy belated. I am so behind with catch up after my lap top screen blew so I will try not to feel guilty. 🙂

    Yes, very nice basses. I have a US made Strat. Fenders are such beautiful instruments.

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