Blue Tuesday


Blue and purple today!

The last of the lavender roses.

Violas everywhere

New clematis Mrs N Thompson is a summer bloomer! Yay!

Blueberries are ripening!

The black mondo grass is blooming.

….and I’ve already forgotten what this is! Oh wait, I found the empty pot. Isotoma or blue star creeper. I’ve put it under my massive white rose, as the grass doesn’t like to grow there.

(Post dedicated to Sled)

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  1. ooo man, love the Clematis! And the ornamental grass. As you know I’ll roll over and fetch for blue flowers.

    I used to have blue alliums left over from the last owner, but they petered out. I’d be putting up photos of what I HAVE got but it is 90+ degrees everyday and locker room humid out; I’m cowering and not ashamed to admit it. I have brambles growing up through my rhododendrons and I JUST CAN’T MAKE MYSELF CARE.

    • Yep, I was saving the blue and purple ones just for you! The iso-whatever really looks more blue in person. I hope it spreads!
      I wish I had some of your heat, it depresses me that August here is the beginning of Autumn. It’s my birthday tomorrow and man, it was always so great as a kid, not having to have it during the school year and it was so nice outside…unfortunately this is the first year since I started this job I have to be at work on my b’day. I’m not amused. Boss better bring me a plant and leave the cake for someone else!

        • I would eat it if it was made for purpose – but I’ll get some supermarket crap or horrid Irish cookies that taste of sawdust. And the song, oh god not the song. I hate it so much.not even Marilyn made it sound good.

            • PERFECT!

              I did get the dry cake, and four candles (told them they shoulda broke another one in half if we were doing decades). Thankfully no singing. I do so prefer to work with men. They don’t want to effing well sing, either.

  2. Wow, Awesome. The first two pictures look so smooth and the colors stand out so , they could be one of Emily’s cakes. Grand. Be well . Hugs

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