Okay, so only two pictures. But its’s early days yet, so not many out!

I call this my black lily – of course it isn’t black at all. I have oodles of these, all in pots. They are so tall! 

Second year for these guys. Also very tall, but foliage-wise they are skinnier and less leafy than the ‘black’ ones. 

And a bit raggedy-looking this year. Something’s been at them.

More to come, I see lots of lilies with closed blooms are changing from green to red or pink or yellow or just darker over all – I have a lot of lilies and forget what colours they all are until they open. Surprises for me, every year! 

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  1. That black one’s an amazing colour. Does it have a scent? For me a lily needs a scent, which is why I’m such a sucker for Stargazers – even though they’re so hackneyed.

  2. I need to see about getting some Star Gazer bulbs. We have yellow, red, and pink ones right now but the Star Gazers are my favorite.

  3. I had lilies once… But then I got lily beetles and then I didn’t have any lilies. >.>

    I’ve not wanted to get any more after seeing my first lot disappear in a cloud of beetle poop,
    (BTW it might be lily beetles that are nibbling at yours)

    But…. But… Yours look awesome! B-O
    Are they stargazers BTW?

  4. I discovered this week that I have an orange lily in the side yard of my new place. I have to try to remember to get a picture before it goes away!

  5. We have lilies like these but not these colours. Ours are orange and yellow shades. We brought a some bulbs back from Portugal a few years back.
    They are beautiful flowers.

  6. Very nice. I see that photography is not your only skill. You also are proving to be a master gardener. Your flowers seem to be happy….. Yes I know that is subjective, but they seem that way to me… and that means that you must pay them attention and give them something to be happy about. Thanks and be well and happy. Hugs

    • I do have affection for my plants! If I do something harmful by accident, I apologise out loud over and over. If one has a really beautiful bloom, I tell it how lovely it is and that I hope the bees come! Why not, they are alive, right? 😊

      • Wow, that is incredibly empathic of you. I have often found that the plants that get such love and liking, such attention, will grow bigger and better. That you have that affection for plants says a great deal about you, and I think it shows you to be an amazing person. See in my thinking it is easy to hold thoughts of good cheer and happiness for other humans, and even the animals that live with us and please us. However to give the same warmth and affection, that attention , to plants who don’t even talk to us in a way we understand, and sets you apart as one of the few who see the world as parts of a collective, all working together to form life and happiness here in this world. I just hope you are not too late. I think many must be awakened to the dangers to this planet from loss of the plant life and the resulting loss of all other things, such as just the happiness of being alive and wanting to enjoy the sun, the warm earth and the rain. I find that my appreciation for you and your gifts is growing daily and I find I wish to know more about your dealings with our w0rld, the plants and animals. But realize that you can’t tell me about your entire dealings with everything on and in mother earth just because I find your gifts amazing. I do find your ablility to take joy in so much of the land and beauty around you amazing. Such happiness, so clearly expressed, with no reservations in your posts how others might see you and misinterpret your keen eye and joy of living. I could say it is a gift, but that excludes the grand effort you make to accept and search for the beauty in all the things you share your life, your shore and beaches, your Isle with. I am not sure if I have described all I see and feel correctly, but you are a person above the normal and one deserving of appreciation. Thank you. I love the inspiration. Many hugs, best wishes, and lots of love. Hugs

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