The Agony of Bee-feet


There isn’t any agony. I just couldn’t resist the pun!

I was sitting outside reading, and felt something on my bare foot. First instinct was to fling whatever it was off, but something made me look first.

A little friend! 

And you wouldn’t be seeing these pictures if I hadn’t done my nails yesterday for a wedding. It’s officially spring when the rainbow toenail polish is on!

I think she needed a warm place to rest. I’m always warm!

I’m also not very ticklish, so those little light feet traversing up my foot didn’t bother me a bit.

She stayed about 10 minutes on my toe. I went back to my book. The next time I looked…

What the…is that bee-pee???

Yeppers. I had a bee pee on me. That’s what I get for being nice! 

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  1. At least your toes looked good while you got peed on. There’s something said for looking good when things turn out differently than we want.

    I love the rainbow look.

  2. She thought your bright toenails were flowers and the excitement of all that potential pollen made her cut loose. That’ll teach you to get your nekkid feet out in the sun: she was all bee-fuddled.

  3. Awww, that was so sweet and what a gorgeous little bee! Who will ever mind a little bee-pee from such a cutie? 😆

    Love your rainbow toes. I do that as well. It’s fun and of course it saves you time deciding what color to put on. 😀

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