Projects Done and in the Works


Please forgive photo quality – these were taken with my iPad.

We had some glorious weather last week. It inspired iDJ into garden-helper mode. Not that I couldn’t have done this myself, but to be honest: I obtained the materials and had ideas of what to use them for, then stalled out.

They might not look like much yet, but he made trellises out of wood laths for us. These laths were packing material for something that came in to us at work, and I grabbed them whenever I could. Thought I’d use them for the fire, but they don’t burn well with the fire-door open (spit and spark so not safe for cats trying to bask). Then I wanted to make trellises out of them, but my attempt at using recycled twine failed last year. The cheapo staple gun we bought wasn’t up to the job either. So nails it was, and I’ve little patience with nails. Thankfully he does! One of the many ways we make a good partnership. 

The mostly-assembled trellises, along the wall we intend to screw em into. Three will be two-high, with an extra lath in between, and then a high one inbetween for plant-spread.

Once he had made them, we remembered that we had also bought garden-specific paint. We had ideas of painting other things, not trellises. The paint was 3 for the price of 2…we only needed one but couldn’t resist the fun colours. So! I’ve now painted them in yellow and green. No pictures yet. Next time I’ll paint before assembly; laths are way easier than grids. We still have to cut the larger bits of wood (also recycled: in-box supports for the oven we bought in 2006 and finally installed last year) that will space them nicely out from the wall (these laths are less than a centimetre thick). Then I paint the cut ends, and we drill and whatnot. His job. 

Then we plant! He already bought three new clematis. They were on sale…he loves clematis.

I just have to pressure-wash the wall (and the shed, and the house). It’s okay, I love love love pressure-washing. So satisfying! 

We also did this:

My new, and substantially smaller, strawberry patch. One of the first things we did when we bought the house was to plant strawberries at the base of this shed-wall. I never upgraded them and they became elderly and no longer produced. My fault, I hate killing plants. Then he got me raspberries. I like them a hell of a lot more than strawberries! So last year I dug out and murdered all my old strawberries. I also stuck some bearded iris in there,  because I was running out of room and ideas for where else to put them (left of pic: we will get blooms this year and I’m so excited).

I was strawberry-less. Then…we went to a garden centre we’d not been to before. In October. I asked about the three little lonely leftover pots of strawberries, and surprisingly found myself gifted with them along with our purchases. Don’t know about you, but I have to love a place that hates to waste or kill plants as much as I do. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a good place for them anymore! This is the sunniest place in the garden so they had to go here, but how? 

I wanted terracotta strawberry pots, but cut in half for wall-mounting. No such thing could we find. These planters hopefully will do the trick. Out of reach of most slugs (and I dosed them with pellets), liberally topped up with more old Christmas tree needles, and screwed into the wall! I hope they are happy there. And that the corvids don’t figure out it they are a nice and safe buffet.

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  1. Love your strawberry solution. You may be alright; corvids tend to prefer their red morsels with a bit more haemoglobin in them….
    Could I please bother you to cross a finger or two tomorrow when I get some potentially scary test results. If results are good, I’ll be getting back out into our own backyard. If bad, I’ll be spending quality time at the local oncology unit…

      • Nope. 5 hours to go… I’m trying to read, to sew, nothing much to distract me. Thank you for being a good friend. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to you when I have anything.

        • Oh man, what a long day for you! Glad you have lots of fun distractions. We were at hospital today too – not ‘good’ news, per se, but some positive changes, albeit small ones. Sure hope our lack of bad news extends on to you!

        • Not heard from you today. Dammit. Please be okay. I’m so sorry if it was bad news, you are such a wonderful person it breaks my heart to think of you being in danger and scared. I know you are tough as hell, too, but if you ever need to complain and bitch, I’m here.

          • I’m so, so sorry I didn’t get back to you before. NO CANCER SECONDARIES, I’ll be as OK as chronic unfixable degeneration of two of my lumbar vertebrae will allow. I got new medication, and dear God is it good shit. I slept through the night for the first time in 3 weeks, got husband off to work at 3am in zombie mode and just 1o minutes ago hauled my carcass out of bed, finally awake. Some time down the line they’ll want to fuse the two vertebrae, they’re wonky in two different directions, but for now, I need an MRI for heavy duty detail, lots of physio, and these gorgeous, fabulous neuropathic pain meds, which stop the pain in its tracks but which sadly I can’t pop all day long because they make me sleep constantly. So yeah, I’m good because I’m not going to die of cancer any time soon and because finally they’re giving me something that’s non-addictive and WORKS, but I’m not so shit hot in the ‘Is it going to get better’ department, where the answer is ‘sorry honey, not a chance’. :-)))

  2. Birds will have a difficult time picking berries while clinging to a wall!
    Don’t forget that is you are planting them like that that they will need regular watering.
    If they turn out well you should pot up any runners and use them to replace old, tired plants.

    • These are the self-watering type of pot, because I know they will dry out faster up there! I also think I’ll be able to feed them better in pots, not so much waste.
      I did use the runners with my old crew, but they just didn’t produce much!

  3. I’m going to be random and say I envy your clothes line.

    If they were even generally available in the US I’m trying to think where on my lot I could hook it to.

  4. No matter what you want or need, someone somewhere is throwing it away. How nice things are finding their way to you! Slug free zones – have to love that!
    (My retracting clothes line never worked right. A good sturdy line beats unruly, undependable, fancy contraptions)

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