It’s a Circus Around Here


When I got home from work last night, iDJ was waiting at the door. “You’ll never guess what’s over our wall!” he said. 

From the odd look on his face I guessed, “Some kind of funky animal?”

“No…well, there might be…come look out the upstairs window!”

So I duly trudged upstairs and looked out to see a circus setting up behind our house. Seriously.

His pic from last night.

Of course when I got up this morning, I wanted to see how far they had gotten. Progress looked about the same at 8 am, but around 9, I was thrilled to hear the clanking of sledgehammers in sync as they drove the spikes for the tent. Out with the phone for a video!

I still don’t know how to embed. But watch it – it’s less than a minute – and funny, too. 

Never expected to get that on ‘film!’

Tonight, the tent is mostly up:

Irish, Irish, Irish – American? Okay. Well they do have that big ol’ American Freightliner truck hauling some of their gear. It is rare to see one here: it is hyooge. They parked it up by the main road as advertising – it works.

The view from upstairs tonight. Not much room to spare!

The view from standing in my back garden! I really think the dog is going to be less than amused to see this looming over her as she has her morning wee. I also really need to power-wash that ugly wall…

Our neighbors are not amused. But, the circus generator is very quiet (I’m sitting outside now), there do not appear to be any animals (good!), and the actual show is over by 9:30 at night so it shouldn’t bother us much. 

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  1. Usually people run off to the circus but it looks like it has run to you – I hope you get some free tickets!!

  2. One of my favorite help calls was from a man who wanted me to help him figure out how to shut off the abandoned calliope-thing left outside his fence. I couldn’t help him, so don’t be that guy!!

  3. Fun! And your neighbour is a miseryguts; it’s only for a few days and will give joy to lots of people.
    That truck’s the sort of thing the Husband drives, only with two huge fuel barrels behind the prime mover. I think he’d enjoy hauling circus wagons as light entertainment!

    • No way! I always wanted to drive the big rigs when I was a kid. Heck, to this day my fun part of work is bringing the Iveco truck into the warehouse at night. My favourite truck was the Kenworth, not the slope-nose but the giant-nosed behemoth I saw in the 80’s. Phowar!
      And yeah, the neighbours are worrying a bit overmuch, we think. But my dad (being retired police) reminded me to keep an eye on my stuff, as sometimes when a circus leaves town it takes more than what it came with. I’d already thought of that, but they seem sound and hardworking so far.

      • It’s a long working day (14 hour day shift, 10 hour night shift), but he loves the truck, and yes, he has a quilt for his bunk! He drives a Kenworth…
        I’d say keep an eye on the stuff too, you are very handy if someone was going to help themselves.

        • KENWORTH! Been my favourite for over 30 years. I used to tell people my three favourite vehicles were a 1970’s MGB, a Lamborghini Countash, and “a big black Kenworth with a sleeper cab.” Those are some long hours, but you have some long roads to cover. The world would come to a stop without our truckers!
          I also speak 1970’s American CB-lingo, and had my own handle as a kid 🙂
          We’ll lock the shed. But the kerosene tank is right there – at this point, it’s not too full and it would cost more to replace the tank than having it refilled (locking it just means the jerks drill a hole or two in it). Thankfully the big dog and wary neighbours might be of use!

    • I almost wish! I’d smuggle it into my back garden and the dog could just pee somewhere else 🙂 No, no animals – legally only two circuses in Ireland are still allowed to have animals, and they are heavily monitored. A good thing.

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