I was just petting Spot, our Bengal cat, and as I stoked him I commented on his single rosette marking, ‘His one rosette,’ I said to himself.

‘He has all the rosettes in my heart, though!’ says he.


I took this picture earlier in the week, as I thought Spot’s shoulder blades looked heart-shaped. The rosette is there, but rather fluffed up so not very distinct.

Got to love a man who unashamedly loves his cats. 

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  1. I’ve always made it my policy be suspicious of anyone who doesn’t like cats. So far, I’ve found only one exception. All the rest justified my suspicions. Handsome beast, BTW.

    • I usually make cat-unfriendly people meet my boys. They have a way of changing minds! Then again, when I had a snake I’d make people meet him, too – changed a LOT of people’s opinions on snakes. A little education goes a long way.
      But if anyone makes jokes about killing cats (or any animal) just because they don’t like them? They go right into my mental rubbish bin as a horrible person.

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