Climate Change


Climate change is evident in my garden this year. 

Earlier in the week, I saw a report of blooming daffodils in Co. Clare, Ireland, and in Cheshire, UK. 

So, I went out to where mine are planted…

This can’t be good! 

What will happen to these tender shoots when a frost comes? If a frost comes. Am I going to have to learn to crochet and make them little jackets?

For comparison, this photo was taken February 1 this year:

Tonight it is 9C, or 48F. Yesterday, at 3 am (according to hubby, I was asleep), it was 14.6C or 58F! Crazy altogether, and worrying for the health of my garden next year. 

Anyone else having unseasonable weather for late December? 

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  1. Daffs are pretty hardy, but you could give them a little straw blankie to keep the frost off. Once they’re a bit taller, they won’t worry so much, it’s what happens at ground level that kills the small shoots. It’s early, sure enough, but you may actually not get much frost if the climate really has changed that much…

  2. I get this kind of thing a lot, though this is the year when Spring started over in November: the holly bush went nuts, I’ve seen crocuses in bloom, several of my lavender azaleas popped a few blossoms. So yeah. Nice the governments finally got around to discussing it.

  3. They are predicting 60 degree temps for Christmas. This is very, very unusual. Many a year we have had a “green” (more like brown) Christmas, but the ground is usually frozen even if not snow-covered. We’ve been averaging daytime temps in the high forties and low fifties. Very upsetting. For one thing, it isn’t killing off the pests. My cats are still coming in with ticks. We had a dandelion blooming in the yard, and I don’t ever recall seeing this before. It is infuriating that we still have climate change deniers here in the states.

    • Ugh, ticks! I’m worried about diseases for the plants. I had the worst case of rust on my roses and raspberries, it was disgusting. Nothing is going to kill it off, it seems! I hate to use chemicals but seriously, it was nasty!
      The deniers are global, unfortunately. On the FB post with the blooming daff, someone had to comment that it was a hoax. Sigh. Luckily no one fed the troll.

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