December Blooms


Take two

Well! I still have flowers. The pics below are just the ones from out back of the house. I meant to get pics from out front when the light hit there, but by then it was raining again.

The lilies are all gone, and the tigridia too of course. I’m still waiting on the tiggies to open their seed pods so I can collect this year’s bounty! The yellow iris already ‘popped,’ so if you want seed for those, let me know.

It’s been very wet – the whole country is flooded (we are okay) – but warm. We’ve had morning frost once, afternoon snow once; and last Saturday, I awoke to an unexpected snowfall:

It was funny to me that I opened the blinds and said, out loud, ‘Where the hell did that come from?’ 

An hour or so later I heard hubby get up, open the blinds upstairs, and say: ‘Where the hell did that come from?’ Ah, we do think alike on occasion!

So, back to the flowers. I still have a weather-worn white rose:


The new chocolate orange rudbeckia (from seed this year) is happy enough, if bedraggled and twisty.

The other, older rudbeckia are smaller this year. But still I like them. 

Yes, there are stray dog hairs attached to most of my flowers. The back garden is also her toilet, so … unavoidable!

This is one of my cyclamen, which are meant to bloom in the winter. I kept this one inside all last year, but it got cyclamen mites so out it went, and away from the rest which are out front. I did tone down the pink in this, it was blindingly vivid.

I always forget what this is. I have two now….  

I’ve saved the best for last – there are gazania still in bloom! 


As the gazania are new to me this year, I’ve been wondering the whole time if they can over winter in our super-wet, windy, but not terribly cold climate. So far so good!

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  1. Normally by this time of year here in New England we’ve had at least one major snowfall and the ground is frozen solid. But on my way out to the coop yesterday I noticed a dandelion blooming. Very, very unusual.

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