Have any of my fine friends read the Xeelee Sequence? Because I’m loving the hell out of it, and stretching my brain in the process. I’d love to talk to someone else who has done the same. I’m nearly done, and my head is swimming with naked singularities and quantum fissures and wormholes and alllll of this amazing stuff. Is Stephen Baxter a genius? I have trouble wrapping my head around some of these ideas, and that is a rare feeling -I love it!

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  1. I am currently reading The Long Earth that he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett. I am an avid Pratchett, and love Science Fiction also but this book has not got my motor revving at all.

    I must check out this Xeelee Sequence.

      • Is it fiction?
        The mutiple worlds/universes/singularity theme has been explored by a number of authors.
        Greg Bear – Eon, springs to mind. Although set during the Cold War, it is still a thoroughly engrossing read about the sudden arrival of a hollow, multi-chambered asteroid that appears in earth orbit, seemingly out of nowhere.
        And it turns out that the seventh chamber goes on forever!

        And there is the fantasy-orientated Mode series by Piers Anthony. This type of fantasy is not my cup of tea.

        • Definitely fiction! It’s not a multiverse, but billions of years of human evolution (and some time travel) and the bizarre systems we live in and adapt to. He even has humans that are tin-based instead of carbon-based, and fascinating flora and fauna along with the living conditions. I won’t pretend to understand it all, but I’m enjoying the experience!

    • I’ve put off finishing the series as I want desperately for someone to talk with me about it. I know it is a bit old and out of date but DAMMIT what the hell could he mean by radio photons? That isn’t right, is it?!?

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