Gerbera Daisies


They are still just baby buds at the moment, the size of my thumbnail, but I’m so excited to have them coming up!


Will it be yellow? Will it be white? 

Will it be red or pink or purple? So exciting! Okay I’m easily pleased when it comes to plants.

I’ve always wanted these. So glad I finally found some seed for sale as already-growing plants are quite pricey. I have six – and who knows what colours they will be?! Stay tuned!

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  1. Lol… I should have known. If I had seen Barberton Daisy I would have clicked straight away. Like the gazania this is indigenous to SA, but I have never heard it called the Gebera before. Live and learn.
    They will be beautiful additions to the garden. You’re in for a treat.

      • Just do a Google search ( of Barberton) and you willbe surprised how many plants and flowers originally came from South Africa.
        The white Arum Lily, Strelizia, Agapanthus to name three more. The diversity of SA flora is second only to Brazil I once read.

        • Oooo, Strelizia! I only knew it by bird of paradise. I’d not try that here, though they do sell it here in garden centres. I suppose it’s fine for those who want to buy a new plant every year!
          The White arum lily – how big do those get? Is it the same as a calla lily? I’ve seen some impressive plantings of what I would call white callas – but they are HUGE and I just don’t have the room for that amount of foliage here.

          • Same species I think.
            Check this out.

            I have them all around the garden as well as Strelizia and Agapanthus.( blue and white.
            I am trying to get as much of the garden indigenous as possible thus saving on water and maintenance. I have to do it on the quiet as my wife has other ideas.
            Another hardy SA bulbous plant is the Montbretia or Crocsmia
            These come in several shades, though I’ve only seen the orange variety. They have small bulbs and come up on their own accord year after year no mater how many are dug up at the end of the season. I love these plants to bits.

            • I have crocosimia! The orange one is in bloom here now – ours is in the grass out front, and never blooms so I’ve given up on it. It seems almost invasive but who cares when it is so pretty? But you have seen my crocosimia lucifer, that does brilliant here! Maybe I should rethink the bird of paradise idea. I do love them.

            • Strelizia’s are great. Another plant that needs minimal maintenance and self seeds too. What a bonus! It needs a bit of space though to ”spread its wings” to best effect. I’d give it a shot.

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